Cambria was famous- or maybe infamous- for its patented Synchro-Vox animation system. The Synchro-Vox system combined still animation cels of the characters and live actors' lips superimposed over the characters' heads to make the "animation." Producer Clark Haas referred to Cambria's process of limited animation as "motorized movement." Cardboard cutouts of the character sometimes would be moved by hand past the background. To produce Synchro-Vox, the voice actor would be filmed in closeup, with a mask hiding everything but the actor's lips. Heavy makeup was used to ensure that the actors' skin color matched that of the cartoon characters.

Cambria Productions Studio Directories Cartoon Series:

Captain Fathom   (1965, 20 Episodes.)

Clutch Cargo   (1959, 37 Episodes.)

  (1964, 1 Series.)

Space Angel   (1962, 52 Episodes.)

The New 3 Stooges   (1965, 155 Episodes.)


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