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The Hector Heathcote Show

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This Colonial-era patriot starred in fifteen theatrical shorts from 1959-1963 before he got busy with his own show on NBC. To fill out the Hector Heathcote series, Terrytoons quickly produced more Hector cartoons, plus new episodes of Bob Kuwahara's Hashimoto San and Gene Deitch's Sidney the Elephant cartoons.

The Hector Heathcote Show Episode Guide Cartoon Series:

Hashimoto Hashimoto   (1963, 2 Series.)

Hector Heathcote Hector Heathcote   (1963, 16 Episodes.)

Sidney Sidney   (1963, 1 Episode Theatrical Cartoon.)

The Hector Heathcote Show TV Episode Guide :


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 featuring Hector Heathcote, Winston, Benedict, Hashimoto the Mouse, Hanako, Yuriko, Saburo, Sidney the Elephant; more Characters More Cartoon Characters...

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