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The Astronut Show

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This show combined theatrical Astronut shorts with some new tv-specific productions to make a full half-hour show. Astronut got his start in an episode of Deputy Dawg in 1962, made the jump to theatrical cartoons in 1964, and finally arrived in syndicated television on August 23, 1965. Episodes of Luno, the Flying Horse and other Terrytoons cartoons rounded out the package.

The Astronut Show Episode Guide Cartoon Series:

Astronut Astronut   (1965, 8 Episodes Theatrical Cartoons.)

Luno Luno   (1965, 10 Episodes Theatrical Cartoons.)

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The Astronut Show TV Episode Guide :


The Astronut Show Picture Into Cartoon The Astronut Show1965
TerryToon Cartoons, CBS Films
 featuring Astronut, Oscar Mild, Gadmouse, Tim, Luno, Sidney the Elephant, Stanley the Lion, Cleo the Giraffe, Hashimoto; more Characters More Cartoon Characters...

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