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Bardel Entertainment

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For over 20 years, Vancouver Canada-based Bardel Entertainment has been on the leading edge of the media and entertainment industry. The company has a long track record of adapting to changing trends in animation production.

Bardel was one of the first studios to successfully transition from traditional animation services to Flash animation and CG animation capabilities. The company also created some of the first convergent content available both on TV and online.

Bardel Entertainment Studio Directories Cartoon Series:

Edgar & Ellen Edgar & Ellen   (2007, 8 Episodes.)

Silverwing   (2003, 13 Episodes.)
Zeke’s Pad   (2008-2009, 26 Episodes.)

Related Cartoon Series:

Bardel Entertainment Studio :


The Christmas Orange 2002
Bardel Entertainment Inc....
 featuring Anton Stingley, Wiley Studpustle, Santa Claus, Lenny The Elf Foreman, Judge Marion Oldengray.

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Dragons: Fire & Ice Pictures Of Cartoon Characters Dragons: Fire & Ice2004
Bardel Entertainment Inc., Fire and Ice Productions Inc....
 featuring Prince Dev, Thoron, Xenoz, Princess Kyra.

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Dragons: Metal Ages Pictures Of Cartoon Characters Dragons: Metal Ages2005
Bardel Entertainment, Inc., Fury Productions
 featuring Dev, Kyra, Gorhaga.

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