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Alternate Series Title: Space Stars With The Teen Force And Astro And The Space Mutts

A segmented show that played new episodes of "Space Ghost" and "The Herculoids" with new shows "Teen Force", and "Astro and the Space Mutts". The show ended with "Space Star's Finale" which had all of the superheroes fighting the bad guys.

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BCDB Rating: "Space Stars" has not yet received enough votes to be rated. 2.2552

Space Stars Show Segments:

Astro and the Space Mutts   (1981, 11 Episodes.)

The Herculoids   (1981, 11 Episodes.)

Space Ghost   (1981, 22 Episodes.)

Space Stars Finale   (1981, 11 Episodes.)

Teen Force   (1981-1982, 11 Episodes.)

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