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Quick Draw McGraw was created in response to the overwhelming success of The Huckleberry Hound Show a year earlier. In order to appeal to a wide variety of ages, the creators decided to use the show as a means to spoof a variety of genres that were on television at the time.

The main character was a takeoff on the tried and true lawmen who inhabited popular Westerns. Acting as sheriff of a generic Old West town, gun-toting horse Quick Draw McGraw would catch the bad guys, all the while trying to uphold the various codes of behavior in the Wild West. His sidekick, Baba Looey, was a small burro who, luckily, had more common sense than his boss and often lent a hand in apprehending the criminals.

Show contained episodes of "Quick Draw McGraw," "Augie Doggie and Daddy Doggie" and "Snooper and Blabber."

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The Quick Draw McGraw Show Segments:

Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy   (1959-1962, 45 Episodes.)

Quick Draw McGraw   (1959-1963, 45 Episodes.)

Snooper and Blabber   (1959-1964, 45 Episodes.)

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