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The character of Hoppity Hooper had been through several incarnations before he ever appeared on his own show. The amicable amphibian first came to life on a popular segment of The Bullwinkle Show entitled Fractured Fairy Tales, which took a classic story and bent it in that inimitable Jay Ward fashion. Using "The Frog Prince" as its source material, a frog named Filburt was introduced as the title character. Writer Bill Scott, who had worked with Jay Ward before, thought he could make a star out of the frog, and so he and "Frog Prince" scripter Chris Jenkyns wrote a pilot called The Green Hopper. The title was then changed to Hippity Hooper before the writers were told that the name was too similar to "Hippity Hopper," the kangaroo on the Sylvester and Tweety cartoons. So once more, the name was changed slightly, and finally, to Hoppity Hooper.

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