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Mitchell Reynolds is a fan of comedian Bill Cosby. Apon finding one of Cosby's hairs, he spends a decade crafting a cloning machine to create his dream: a "house of Cosbys". Each duplicate of the Cos contains random and mild variances from the original. The quality of the clones seems to deteriorate as the process is repeated, and he decides to stop using the machine; but when one of the clones subversively activates it, he discovers that every tenth Cosby he clones has super powers. At the suggestion of Data Analysis Cosby (the first super-powered Cosby) they decide to continue cloning Cosbys so that their super powers can be used to help the world.

This short lived series only ran 4 episodes.... becvause Cosby's lawyers sent show creator Justin Roiland and Channel 101's site administrator Dan Harmon a cease and desist letter. A fifth episode was planned based on the cease and desist letter, but ultimately never produced. Roiland gave the script to friends Chester Tam, and Chris Romano and Eric Falconer, who produced an "unofficial" fifth episode of House of Cosbys.

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