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Since its foundation in 1983 as Telecable Benelux, Dutch Telescreen is driven by producing, distributing and exploiting high quality kids and family entertainment for TV and other platforms. Animated TV series such as "miffy", "Moomin" and "Alfred J. Kwak" have become classics, renowned and loved throughout the world.

In December 2008, Telescreen became incorporated into the German m4e Group, a brand management & media organisation with a 360 approach, specialized in developing, producing, distributing and merchandising high value brands/intellectual property rights.

Telescreen Telescreen is based in The Netherlands.
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Telescreen Studio Directory Cartoon Series:

Alfred J. Kwak   (1989, 52 Cartoons.)
Alternate Series Title: Quack The Duck
Alien Clones From Outer Space   (2008, 1 Series.)
Bamboo Bears   (1995 – 1996, 52 Episodes.)
Ben 10: Alien Force Episode Guide   (2008, 46 Episodes.)
Charlie And Lola   (2005 – 2006, 26 Episodes.)
Coco En Jappe   (1989, 52 Episodes.)
English Series Title: Coco and Jappe
  (1998, 1 Series.)

Geragera Bus Monogatari   (1987, 33 Episodes.)
Jamie de Muis   (1995, 52 Episodes.)
English Series Title: Jamie The Mouse
Kikker & Vriendjes   (1981, 1 Series.)
Moomin   (1990, 104 Episodes.)
Star Street   (1991 – 1992, 46 Episodes.)
  (1990, 78 Episodes.)
Alternate Series Title: Happy Moomin Family

  (1991, 26 Episodes.)
Alternate Series Title: Happy Moomin Family Adventure Diary

Tjilp De Mus   (1994, 33 Episodes.)
English Series Title: Chirpy
Toad Rules   (1991, 1 Series.)
Topo   (1991, 19 Episodes.)
  (1992, 1 Series.)