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Japanese Series Title: 001/7 Oyayubi Tom

Tom of T.H.U.M.B. (Tiny Human Underground Military Bureau)- also titled "0001/7 Oyayubi Tom" for Japanese showings- was the first Japanese anime to be produced specifically for the American market. It was commissioned by Rankin-Bass from Videocraft, an American company, which, in turn, farmed out the work to Japan-based Toei.

There were twenty-six shows in the run of the series, butonly twenty-four episodes of Tim Thumb. The first twenty-four episodes of the show featured one Tom Thumb and two King Kong episodes in the half-hour. The final two shows featured longer King Kong episodes only.

Toei funded part of the series itself, and did also show this series in Japan. However, designs, scripts, storyboards and voice track were supplied ready-made from the United States.

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