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This version of the show consisted of fifteen 6 minute cliff-hanger cartoons. Super Sunday showed, in rotation, 6 minute versions of Jem, Bigfoot and the Muscle Machines, Robotix, and Inhumanoids. Two shows- Jem and Inhumanoids- proved to be so popular that the shows were expanded beyond these initial 6 mimute episodes and into their own series. Three episodes were combined into a full length show, forming The Evil That Lies Within- Parts One through Five, the first five episodes of the full series. Unfortunately, Inhumanoids lasted only one season while Jem achieved the greater success, eventually running to 65 episodes spanning three seasons.

This show is about a group of creatures that have been buried within the Earth and the destruction they cause when they escape. A group of scientists called the Earth Corp have a huge supply of futuristic weapons that they use on the Inhumanoids, and a group of creatures called the Mutores team up with the Scientists. The Mutores have been enemies with the Inhumanoids for centuries.

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Inhumanoids   (1986, 13 Episodes.)