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Max Fleischer and Dave Fleischer moved on from Bray Studios to form their own company in 1921. Here they found moderate success with their first character Koko the Clown. Inkwell Studios (or Out of the Inkwell Films) made some of the earliest sound films, using Dr. Lee De Forest's Phonofilm sound-on-film system. Nineteen cartoons were made using this process.

Originally Inkwell Studios contracted with M. J. Winkler Productions to distribute their films. Wanting more freedom (and certainly more profits!), the Fleischer brothers partnered with Lee DeForest, as well as businessmen Edwin Miles Fadiman and Hugo Riesenfeld to form Red Seal Pictures Corporation to take over distribution their films. Red Seal owned 36 theaters on the East Coast, extending as far west as Cleveland, Ohio. The company filed for bankruptcy in 1928.

The studio was renamed Fleischer Studios in early 1929.

Inkwell Studios

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Inkwell Studios Cartoon Series:

  (1924, 46 Theatrical Films.)

Fleischer Studios   (1928 – 1941, 460 Cartoons.)
  (1923, 1 Theatrical Cartoon.)

Inklings   (1924, 1 Theatrical Cartoon.)
  (1927 – 1928, 26 Theatrical Cartoons.)

Out of the Inkwell   (1921 – 1926, 62 Theatrical Cartoons.)
  (1924 – 1927, 39 Theatrical Cartoons.)