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Founded in 1915 by Mikhail Semenovich Trofimov, a merchant from Kostroma as Киноателье Русь. In 1924, the Rus' studio was renamed into the International Workers Relief agency (Russian: Международная рабочая помощь (Межрабпом)), abbreviated as Mezhrabpom-Rus' (Russian: Межрабпом-Русь). Four years later, the studio was renamed Mezhrabpomfilm (Russian: Межрабпомфильм), changing its name once again in 1936 to Soyuzdetfilm (Russian: Союздетфильм), the world's first film studio which specialized in films for children.

In 1941, Soyuzdetfilm merged with Tadjikfilm, only to split in 1943.

Between 1963 and 2004 its full name was Maxim Gorky Central Film Studio for Children and Youth (Russian: Центральная киностудия детских и юношеских фильмов им. М. Горького).

Soyuzdetfilm Gorky Film Studio is based in Moscow, Russia.
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