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Funbag Animation Studios was a Canadian animation studio based in Ottawa, providing production services on many animated series. The studio closed its doors in January 2007. The employees went on to open New Bike Entertainment.

Funbag Animation Funbag Animation was based in Canada.

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Funbag Animation Studio Directory Cartoon Series:

The Eggs   (2004, 26 Episodes.)
For Better or For Worse   (2000 – 2001, 16 Episodes.)
The Mole Sisters   (2003 – 2004, 78 Episodes.)
Moonscoop   (2003 – 2013, 268 Cartoons.)
The Three Amigos   (2004, 8 Episodes.)
Toad Patrol   (2002 – 2003, 26 Episodes.)
Watership Down   (1999, 39 Episodes.)