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Alternate Studio Title: Folimage Valence Productions

It's a magical place, built up gradually thanks to the will, the talent and the imagination of around a hundred artists and technicians. It's a factory crammed with bold ideas, tubes of colour, reasonable computers, pencil leads, sharpeners, light-boxes, friendly cameras, plasticine characters, small movements both tender and sincere, gales of laughter, lots of support, lots of challenges but lots to fall in love with. The name is recognised all over the world.


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"Folimage" has not yet received enough votes to be rated. 2.2552

Folimage Studio Directory Cartoon Series:

Ariol   (2009, 1 Series.)
C'est Bon!   (2013, 1 Series.)
Alternate Series Title: Yummy Yummy In My Tummy!
Hilltop Hospital   (1999, 39 Episodes.)
French Series Title: Hôpital Hilltop
Le Bonheur De La Vie   (1991, 20 Episodes.)
English Series Title: The Joy of Life
Ma Petite Planète Chérie   (1996, 26 Episodes.)
English Series Title: My Little Planet
Michel   (2012, 1 Series.)
Mine De Rien   (1994, 40 Episodes.)
English Series Title: Tidbits For Toddlers
Miru-Miru   (2013, 1 Series.)
Alternate Series Title: Mirou Mirou
Mon Âne   (1994, 26 Episodes.)
English Series Title: My Donkey
  (1989, 13 Series.)

Les Tragédies Minuscules   (1999, 9 Episodes.)
English Series Title: Tiny Tragedies
Shorts   (1989 –, 50 Theatrical Cartoons.)
Specials   (1998 – 2012, 6 Specials.)