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In this wacky take on the Terrytoons creation, Mighty had an alter ego in the form of Mike the Mouse, who worked at a factory owned by former damsel in distress Pearl Pureheart. The mouse also gained a sidekick named Scrappy, a floppy eared wisecracker. Blending 1950ís art with a modern sensibility, the show served up such oddball creations as BatBat (Batman as an actual bat), who "drove" around in the four-footed Manmobile.

Nearly pushing the limits on "inside jokes," this latest version concentrated on spoofing other well-known cartoons as well as bringing back characters who had long been forgotten. With the help of John Kricfalusi (who went on to create The Ren and Stimpy Show), Bakshi took no prisoners, using his latest cartoon to mock the industry he had worked in for so many years.

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