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After the rather lackluster The World's Greatest Superfriends, the show returned to it's roots. Re-using the original moniker Super Friends, the show went back to its hour-long format. The 1980 series aired a half-hour rerun from a previous season along with three new seven-minute shorts. These new shorts featured the main five Super Friends (Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Robin and Aquaman) and the Wonder Twins and guest starred many heroes from the previous seasons, including the 'cultural heroes' created for Challenge of the Super Friends.

1981 saw the show drop the reruns, and settle into a show of just three new seven-minute episodes. El Dorado was added to the mix, creating even more cultural diversity for the show.

A third season was written and produced. At the same time, Hanna-Barbera had set up a set of rerun shows for both ABC and syndication. The third season never made air, at least not until 1995. These Lost Episodes finally made air as part of the Superman/Batman Adventures, a rerun show put together for the USA Network.


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