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The most powerful heroes ever -- Superman, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, Aquaman, Batman and Robin -- join forces with teenagers Wendy and Marvin and their dog, Marvel the Wonderdog, to defend justice and guard the innocent. Two teenagers, one wonderdog and five superheroes -- they're Super Friends to the rescue.

The first of many Super Friends series ran for sixteen one-hour episodes and then was canceled. The show reran for a few years and its popularity increased. When ABC saw this increase they asked Hanna-Barbera for more episodes. Hanna-Barbera responded with the All-New Super Friends Hour.


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Super Friends Episode Guide Cartoon Series:

The All-New Super Friends Hour   (1977, 60 Episodes.)
Challenge of the Super Friends   (1978, 32 Episodes.)
Super Friends (II)   (1980 – 1983, 66 Episodes.)
The World's Greatest Super Friends   (1979, 8 Episodes.)