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Despite top billing, Tarzan was hardly the star of this show, splitting his screen time with several other heroes in this action-packed series. Together with DC Comics hero Batman, Tarzan was joined by a host of Filmation-created characters in this 90-minute (later 60-minute) package.

Super Stretch and Micro Woman featured tiny female crimefighter Christy Cross and her elasticized husband Chris, both of whom were African-American.

Next was Webwoman, featuring Kelly Webster as a NASA scientist who, after rescuing a spider, was endowed with the combined strength of all the insects and arachnids in the world. Together with her eight-legged partner, Spinner, the two performed missions of goodwill that took them to far corners of the world.

Manta and Moray featured Manta, the last of a water-breathing civilization of humans, and his female companion Moray, who had been rescued from a shipwreck by a friendly whale.

The Freedom Force was a group of such diverse characters as Hercules, Isis, Super Samurai, Merlin, and Sinbad (all characters already owned by Filmation).

The last segment, Jason of Star Command, was live-action, and became its own show in 1979. Set in outer space in the 22nd century, the segment featured Jason, who was a young trainee for the galactic police force, Star Command.

By 1980, the Super Seven had abandoned Tarzan for the rerun package Batman and the Super Seven.

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Tarzan and the Super 7 Show Segments:

Batman   (1978, 1 Series.)
The Freedom Force   (1978, 5 Episodes.)
Jason of Star Command   (1978, 16 Episodes.)
  (1978, 7 Episodes.)

Superstretch and Microwoman   (1978, 11 Episodes.)
Tarzan   (1978, 14 Episodes.)
Webwoman   (1978, 10 Episodes.)