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Founded in the San Fernando Valley of California in 1963 by Lou Scheimer and Norm Prescott, Filmation Associates produced both animated and live-action childrens shows. Filmation was the only real rival in Saturday morning cartoon fare produced across the valley at Hanna-Barbera Productions.

Filmation Associates were a major player in children's entertainment for over twenty years. In 1988, Filmation was purchased by the L'Oréal cosmetics company who closed the studio on February 3, 1989 and ended Filmation's legacy. Filmation's last production was the feature film Happily Ever After (a sequel to the story of Snow White), which was finished in 1990, but not released to theaters until 1993.

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Filmation Associates A-G Cartoon Series Cartoon Series:

The Adventures of Aquaman   (1968, 1 Series.)
The Adventures of Batman   (1969, 1 Series.)
Alternate Series Title: Batman with Robin Boy Wonder
The Archie Show   (1968, 34 Episodes.)
Archie's Comedy Hour   (1969, 33 Cartoons.)
Archie's Fun House   (1970, 1 Series.)
Archie's T.V. Funnies   (1971, 24 Cartoons.)
The Bang-Shang Lalapalooza Show   (1977, 1 Series.)
Batman Superman Hour   (1968, 58 Cartoons.)
The Batman / Tarzan Adventure Hour   (1977, 8 Cartoons.)
Blackstar   (1981, 13 Episodes.)
The Brady Kids   (1972, 22 Episodes.)
BraveStarr   (1987, 66 Episodes.)
Everything's Archie   (1973, 1 Series.)
The Fabulous Funnies   (1978, 19 Cartoons.)
Fantastic Voyage   (1968, 17 Episodes.)
Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids   (1972 – 1976, 86 Episodes.)
Ghostbusters   (1986 – 1987, 76 Episodes.)
Gilligan's Planet   (1982, 13 Episodes.)
The Groovie Goolies   (1972, 15 Episodes.)
The Groovie Goolies and Friends   (1978, 23 Cartoons.)