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Alternate Title: Untitled Film Based On The Day of the Dead

Coco (Untitled Film Based On The Day of the Dead) (2017) Theatrical Cartoon Coco

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  • Theatrical Film
  • Distributed by: Walt Disney Company (U.S.)
  • Cartoon Characters: Miguel Rivera, Hector, Ernesto De La Cruz, Abuelita), Mama Coco.
  • Originally Released in 2017.
  • Color
  • U.S.A.  U.S.A.
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My Reviews (1 review)

My Reviews (1 review)

Cartoon Comments:

Coco Review 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by: Flower Soul,

"Coco" is the 19th animation movie by Pixar, and it's about a family of shoemakers who have banished music from their family since the protagonist's great-grandfather left home, leaving his wife and daughter alone, only (apparently) to chase his dream of being a musician, therefore the protagonist, Miguel, who also wants to become a musician, can't do it for the severe family prohibitions imposed years and years before he was born. So, I start by saying that, for me, Coco would have fully and certainly deserved the Oscars ALSO as "Best Picture", "Best Original Screenplay" and "Best Original Score", in addition to very deserved winnings such as "Best Animated Feature Film" and "Best Original Song". Coco it's a movie literally PERFECT, a diamond, a pearl of rare beauty, quality and brightness, a puzzle of a thousand pieces perfectly set between them, an Absolute Masterpiece, not only of Animation, but in general, one of the best movies EVER (even if, for me, it's so underrated for senseless reasons, unfortunately). Never a movie had struck me so deeply as Coco, that I consider MY movie, what makes my heart vibrate, gently caresses my soul, it comes inside me like fire boiling on the skin and that will remain forever engraved in my memories like a tattoo on the skin. Not for nothing, it immediately became my favourite movie EVER (I had never had one, despite the boundless love for the Animation and Cinema in general). Coco is an example of how a movie should be made, everything is perfect, I see myself in EVERY single thing that has in it: From the plot to the moral, from the characters (especially Héctor, my favourite movies character ever which also represents my ideal of true love) to the 1000 themes dealt with, from the songs to the soundtrack, from the graphics to the colors, from twists and turns to set design, from directing to screenplay, from the many cinematographic genres in itself to be very faithful to a specific culture, from design to dialogues, scenes, relationships & interpersonal ties and dubbings in it, from the dark fantasy-psychedelic atmosphere to its being sweet, joyful, gloomy, melancholic, moving, touching, emotional, tragic, intense, poignant and heartbreaking at the same time. I love it to go crazy, I just love so much this movie. And then the songs "Remember Me" and "Proud Corazón" are something inexplicably wonderful for me. Every time I cry AT LEAST for 75% of the movie (and I'm not joking, which, despite being very emotional, empathetic, deep, reflective and sensitive, and therefore also crying for nothingness, it had never happened to me before ANY movie before now). It's so full of emotions, sensations, power, depth, strength, complexity, emotion, stratifications, vibrations, nuances, reflections, realism, magic, light, colors, life, not to mention that one remains with a smile on his face throughout the movie, even in some super moving scenes (and there are many), and at the end of the movie you feel very good, lighter, despite ugly crying, because it's a joyful movie, a true and pure hymn to joy and life. I also find that it's the movie that best mixes in itself the best qualities Disney and Pixar, as well as the most complete movie under every point of view that I have ever seen, which makes me raise it even more in the Olympus of the movies. Of course, as soon as it came out, I immediately bought the Blu-Ray, and I thank Pixar, Lee Unkrich and Adrian Molina for having realized this pearl of movie, this superb movie, really, thank you very much, you don't know what gift you made me! Since I saw it (now I have lost count of how many times I've seen it, but every time it's like the first time, and I'll never get tired of seeing it), I always reflecting a lot (more than I already did) and I feel better with myself and I grew inwardly. Coco really helped me a lot in many ways, it has turned my life upside down (as few things have done so far, and I said it all). I think it's a movie curative, soothing and really for everyone. I will not dwell more in detail, because otherwise I could write a book of 1000 pages and more on Coco, but I can say with absolute certainty that I have become "LOCA" (to say very little) for this wonderful movie, is something really indescribable what I feel not only when I see it (it was a real bolt from the blue that I never thought could happen for various reasons), but even as I think or feel only his name, there aren't enough agg positive words to describe it (I cry of joy to his only thought). It's a big and deep movie like the Universe and beyond, it's an infinite movie!!!
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