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Saturday Supercade

Saturday Supercade

Saturday Supercade (1983) - Saturday Supercade Cartoon Episode Guide Saturday Supercade

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  • 1983
  • Ruby-Spears Productions
  • Saturday Supercade Episode Guide
  • Cartoon Characters: Donkey Kong, Mario, Pauline, Donkey Kong Jr., Bones, Q*Dad, Q*Bert, Q*Tee, Q*Val, Q*Bertha, Q*Mom, Viper, Coilee Snake, Ugg, Wrongway, Frogger, Fanny Frog, Shellshock Turtle, Pitfall Harry, Rhonda, Quick Claws, Space Ace, Kimberly, Space Marshall Vaughn, Commander Borf, Katy, Joey, Sidney, Monkey Biz Gang, Tex, Mac, Mr. Friendly.
  • Vocal Talent: Soupy Sales (Donkey Kong), Frank Welker (Donkey Kong Jr., Q*Dad, Coilee Snake, Ugg, Wrongway, Monkey Biz Gang), Peter Cullen (Mario), Judy Strangis (Pauline), Bart Braverman (Bones), Billy Bowles (Q*Bert), Robbie Lee (Q*Tee, Q*Val), Julie McWhirter Dees (Q*Bertha, Q*Mom, Viper), Bob Sarlatte (Frogger), B.J. Ward (Fanny Frog), Marvin Kaplan (Shellshock Turtle, Sidney), Ted Field Sr. (Tex), Alan Dinehart (Mac), Robert Ridgely (Pitfall Harry), Noelle North (Rhonda), Ken Mars (Quick Claws), Jim Piper (Space Ace), Nancy Cartwright (Kimberly), Peter Renaday (Space Marshall Vaughn), Arthur Burghardt (Commander Borf, Mr. Friendly), Mea Martineau (Katy), David Mendenhall (Joey), Pat Fraley (Monkey Biz Gang), Walker Edmiston, Marshall Efron, Jack De Leon, Al Fann, Teddy S. Field II, Takayo Fischer, Jone Foray, Linda Gary, Kelly Glen, Joe Higgins, Bob Holt, Tysun McMullan, Tress MacNeile, Shep Menken, Lucy Lee, Don Messick, David Landsberg, Nancy Merwan, Tim Rooney, Marilyn Schreffler, Avery Schreiber, John Stephenson, Hal Smith, Russi Taylor, Janet Waldo, Herbert Vigran, Alan Young.
  • Directed By Charles Nichols (as Charles A. Nichols), John Kimball.
  • Produced By Joe Ruby, Ken Spears (Executive Producers).
    Associate Producer: Larry Huber.
  • Music By Paul DeKorte.
  • Story Editors: Jack Enyart, Gary Greenfield, Gordon Kent, Michael Maurer.
  • Story Consultant: Norman Maurer.
  • Story Direction Supervisor: Cullen B. Houghtailing.
  • Assistant Supervisors: Kathy V. Carr, Barry Campbell.
  • Story Direction: Barry Caldwell, Karl Fischer, Cullen B. Houghtailing, Gary Goldstein, Budd Lewis, Tom Minton, Sharon Rolnick, Frank Ridgeway, Glenn Schmitz, Byron Vaughns, Roy Wilson.
  • Recording Director: Alan Dinehart.
  • Director Of Production Design: Ric Gonzalez.
  • Models Supervisor: Alan B. Huck.
  • Models: Ken Boyer, Patrick A. Ventura.
  • Layout Supervisors: Larry Huber, Cosmo Anzilotti.
  • Unit Supervisors: Walt Kubiak, Bob Givens.
  • Layout Artists: P.J. Alvarado, Jr, Wayne Becker, Larry Eckleberry, Hak Ficq, Fred Irvin, Chrystal Russell, Jack Manning, Mike Oliva, Wallace Sides, Bruce Zick.
  • Background Supervision: Eric Semones.
  • Background Painted By: Dennis Durell, Paro Hozumi, Eric Semones.
  • Background Layout Supervision: David High.
  • Background Layout Artists: Lisa Souza, Bruce Zick.
  • Color Key: Bunny Munns.
  • Animation Supervisors: Geoff Collins, Mike Longden, John Conning.
  • Animation Checking Supervision: Marlene Robinson May, Debbie Smith.
  • Titles: Bill Perez.
  • Graphics: Iraj Paran, Tom Wogatzke.
  • Production Coordinator: Loretta High.
  • Expediting Assistants: Allyn Conley, Mark Crookston, Paul Gorniak, Tim Terusa.
  • Studio Manager: Jeffrey M. Cooke.
  • Assistants To The Executive Producers: Erika Grossbart, Stacy A. McLaughlin.
  • Production Assistants: Deanna Ruby Crookston, Donna Davis, Megan McLaughlin, Bryna Melnick, Kathleen Capps-Richman, Debby Ruby, Sheryl Scarborough, Betty Sullivan.
  • Musical Director: Dean Elliott.
  • Music Supervision: Paul DeKorte.
  • "Supercade" Theme: Shuki Levy, Haim Saban.
  • "Frogger" And "Q-Bert" Themes Written By: Rick Segall, John Bahler.
  • Music Editors: Denise O'Hara, Catharine Rose.
  • Effects Editors: Tom Syslo, Mark Orfanos, Karla McGregor.
  • Executive In Charge Of Post-Production: Chip Yaras.
  • Show Editors: P.J. Webb, Larry Whelan.
  • Negative Consultant: Mary Nelson.
  • Laboratory: C.F.I.
  • Re-Recording: Warner-Hollywood Studios.

  • The Trademark "Frogger" And All Copyrights In "Frogger" And Related Characters Are The Property Of Sega Enterprises Inc. All Rights Reserved.

    "Donkey Kong" And "Donkey Kong Junior" Are Based Upon The Video Games "Donkey Kong" And "Donkey Kong Junior" Made By Nintendo.

    "Pitfall Harry" Is Based Upon The Video Game Entitled "Pitfall" Designed By David Crane For Activision.

    "Q-Bert" Is Based Upon The Video Game Enititled "Q-Bert" Owned By Mylestar Electronics, Inc.

    © 1983 Ruby-Spears Enterprises Inc.
    All Rights Reserved

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Saturday Supercade

Comments By:
I had a bit of an issue remembering this show, but I'll never forget the openeing theme music! It rocked! I checked everywhere online for copies on video of this show & found someone in Florida who made copies. $20.00 and I got my copy! This show...  (read more)

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Saturday Supercade

Comments By:
I would like "Rhino" to release "Saturday Supercade" on VHS and DVD, by showing Frogger, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Junior, Q*Bert, Pitfall, Space Ace, and Kangeroo all together of the full hour show on video and DVD. I also wish that...  (read more)

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Saturday Supercade

Comments By:
Here's a show I loved! Memories are a bit hazy considering I was only about 4 when it aired, but I never missed it! To me, it seemed like the perfect media marrage! I love cartoons! I love Atari games! I'm in heaven! I remember liking Donkey Kong...  (read more)

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