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Have You Heard About the Herd? Cartoon Picture
Have You Heard About the Herd?

Have You Heard About the Herd?

Have You Heard About the Herd? (2010) Season 1 Episode 122-A- Dinosaur Train Cartoon Episode Guide Have You Heard About the Herd?

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  • 2010
  • The Jim Henson Company, FableVision.
    with participation and assistance of: Singapore Media Development Authority
  • Dinosaur Train Episode Guide
  • Cartoon Characters: Buddy, Tiny, Shiny, Don, Mr. Conductor, Mrs. Pteranodon, Mr. Pteranodon, Howard Dragonfly, Arlene Archaeopteryx, Keenan Chirostenotes, The Old Spinosaurus, Mikey Microraptor, Minne Microraptor, Ernie Einiosaurus, Mrs. Einiosaurus, Jack Einiosaurus, Ralph Einiosaurus, Tank Triceratops, Trudy Triceratops, Tuck Triceratops, Truman Triceratops, Todd Triceratops, Ned Brachiosaurus, Ella Brachiosaurus, Brenda Brachiosaurus, Laura Giganotosaurus, Petey Peteinosaurus, Peggy Peteinosaurus, Annie Tyrannosaurus, Delores Tyrannosaurus, Boris Tyrannosaurus, Morris Stegosaurus, Alvin Allosaurus, Hank Ankylosaurus, Leslie Lesothosaurus, Mrs. Lesothosaurus, Erma Eoraptor, Mrs. Conductor, Gilbert Troodon, The Station Master, Travis Troodon, The Troodon Official, Valerie Velociraptor, Velma Velociraptor, Vincent Velociraptor, Arnie Argentinosaurus, Mr. Argentinosaurus, Jess Hesperornis, Ollie Ornithomimus, Oren Ornithomimus, Mrs. Ornithomimus, Leroy Lambeosaurus, Lily Lambeosaurus, Lorraine Lambeosaurus, Larry Lambeosaurus, Cory Corythosaurus, Mrs. Corythosaurus, Perry Parasaurolophus, Angela Avisaurus, Derek Deinonychus, Mrs. Deinonychus, Mr. Deinonychus, King Cryolophosaurus, Spiky Stygimoloch, Stuart Stygimoloch, Shirley Stygimoloch, The Enantiornithine, Iggy Iguanodon, Kenny Kentrosaurus, Chung Confuciusornis, Martin Amargasaurus, Adam Adocus, Pauline Proganochelys, Elmer Elasmosaurus, Mr. Elasmosaurus, Mrs. Elasmosaurus, Carla Cretoxyrhina, Craig Cretoxyrhina, Paulie Pliosaurus, Mrs. Pliosaurus, Henry Hermit Crab, Patrica Palaeobatrachus, Quincy Quetzalcoatlus, Mr. Quetzalcoatlus, Teri Therizinosaurus, Mrs. Therizinosaurus, Mr. Therizinosaurus, Eugene Euoplocephalus, Cindy Cimolestes, Daphne Daspletosaurus, Mr. Daspletosaurus, Ziggy Zhejiangopterus, Alan Alamosaurus, Mitch Michelinoceras, Max Michelinoceras, Bucky Masiakasaurus, Stacie Styracosaurus, Sonja Styracosaurus, Stuart Styracosaurus, Stephie Styracosaurus, Percy Paramacellodus, Rick Oryctodromeus, Nick Oryctodromeus, Millie Maiasaura, Mookie Maiasaura, Michelle Maiasaura.
  • Vocal Talent: Phillip Corlett (Buddy), Claire Corlett (Tiny), Erika-Shaye Gair (Shiny, Annie Tyrannosaurus, Cory Corythosaurus), Alexander Matthew Marr (Don, Tank Triceratops, Quincy Quetzalcoatlus), Ian James Corlett (Mr. Conductor, Morris Stegosaurus, Travis Troodon, The Troodon Official, Vincent Velociraptor, Mr. Argentinosaurus, Stuart Stygimoloch, Adam Adocus, Mr. Elasmosaurus, Mr. Daspletosaurus, Alan Alamosaurus), Ellen Kennedy (Mrs. Pteranodon), Mrs. Einiosaurus, Mrs. Elasmosaurus), Colin Murdock (Mr. Pteranodon, Ralph Einiosaurus, Hank Ankylosaurus, The Station Master, The Enantiornithine, Ziggy Zhejiangopterus, Stuart Styracosaurus), Tabitha St. Germain (Mrs. Conductor, Angela Avisaurus, Mrs. Deinonychus, Spiky Stygimoloch, Shirley Stygimoloch, Patrica Palaeobatrachus, Cindy Cimolestes, Sonja Styracosaurus, Stephie Styracosaurus, Arlene Archaeopteryx, Keenan Chirostenotes, Mikey Microraptor, Minne Microraptor), Michael Dobson (The Old Spinosaurus), Joshua Ballard (Ernie Einiosaurus), Bill Mondy (Jack Einiosaurus), Kathleen Barr (Trudy Triceratops, Ned Brachiosaurus, Laura Giganotosaurus, Peggy Peteinosaurus, Delores Tyrannosaurus, Erma Eoraptor, Velma Velociraptor, Ollie Ornithomimus, Mrs. Ornithomimus, Mrs. Corythosaurus, Pauline Proganochelys, Tuck Triceratops), Aidan Drummond (Truman Triceratops), Cainan Wiebe (Todd Triceratops, Derek Deinonychus), Kira Tozer (Ella Brachiosaurus), Nicole Oliver (Brenda Brachiosaurus, Mrs. Pliosaurus), Cedric Payne (Petey Peteinosaurus), Trevor Devall (Boris Tyrannosaurus, Mr. Deinonychus, Bucky Masiakasaurus), Brian Drummond (Alvin Allosaurus, Larry Lambeosaurus, Mr. Quetzalcoatlus, Mr. Therizinosaurus, Eugene Euoplocephalus), Natasha Callis (Leslie Lesothosaurus), Christine Lippa (Mrs. Lesothosaurus), Ashleigh Ball (Gilbert Troodon, Arnie Argentinosaurus, Oren Ornithomimus, Lorraine Lambeosaurus, Mrs. Therizinosaurus, Millie Maiasaura), Chantal Strand (Valerie Velociraptor), Michael Adamthwaite (Jess Hesperornis), Nico Ghisi (Leroy Lambeosaurus, Max Michelinoceras), Olivia Hamilton (Lily Lambeosaurus), James Kirk (Perry Parasaurolophus, Rick Oryctodromeus, Nick Oryctodromeus), Phil Hayes (King Cryolophosaurus, Chung Confuciusornis), Alan Marriot (Iggy Iguanodon), Adam Behr (Kenny Kentrosaurus), Alessandro Juliani (Martin Amargasaurus), Gordon Grice (Elmer Elasmosaurus), Allison Cohen (Carla Cretoxyrhina), Lee Tockar (Craig Cretoxyrhina), Alex Ferris (Paulie Pliosaurus), Jason Michas (Henry Hermit Crab), Michelle Creber (Teri Therizinosaurus, Michelle Maiasaura), Brynna Drummond (Daphne Daspletosaurus), Alberto Ghisi (Mitch Michelinoceras), Erin Mathews (Stacie Styracosaurus), Jim Byrnes (Percy Paramacellodus), Mitchell Duffield (Mookie Maiasaura).
  • Produced By Sue Bea Montgomery.
    Executive Producers: Lisa Henson, Brian Henson, Halle Stanford, Craig Bartlett.
  • Written By Elise Allen, Craig Bartlett, Mark Drop, Jonathan Greenberg, Corey Powell, Joe Purdy.
  • Music By Mike Himelstein.
  • Edited By Russell Eaton, Mark Keefer, Jim McQueen, Dan Molina, Timothy M. Snell.
  • Creator: Craig Bartlett.
  • Art Director: Terry Izumi.
  • CG Supervisor: Terry Izumi.
  • Director of Storyboard Department: Karl Toerge.
  • Storyboard Artists: Karl Toerge, Steve Daye, Bill Thyen, Andrew Dickman, Raymie Muzquiz.
  • Production Artist: Kim Kuchenbecker.
  • Segment Producer: David Gumpel.
  • Supervising Producers (Big Communications): Roy Ng, Wilson Silva.
  • Co-Executive Producers (Sparky Entertainment): Wong Kok Cheong, Jyotirmoy Saha.
  • Co-Executive Producer (Big Communications): Vincent Lim.
  • Writers: Elise Allen, Craig Bartlett, Mark Drop, Jonathan Greenberg, Corey Powell, Joe Purdy.
  • Story Editor: Joe Purdy.
  • Songs: Mike Himelstein.
  • Composer/Score: Jim Lang, Michael Silversher, Patty Silversher.
  • Opening Theme "Dinosaur Train" Composed By: Jim Lang, Mike Himelstein.
  • Sparky Animation Crew: Zhu Qiu Wei, Suo Yuan, Kao Meng Lin, Zhang Xu, Chan Yew Yen, Zhang Xin, Guan Mei Ling, Zhao Yang, Zheng Dan Dan, Su Jing Tao, Han Ji Peng, Chou Shao Kang, Raju Chowdhury, Bi Yan Jun, Jun Lu Ren, Ferlyn Koh Hwee Chen, Naga Raju Naraboina, Li Chao Peng, Janarthanan Kandasamy, Xu Zong Qiao, Lam Yong Hao, Winson Kong Weng Sang, Srinivasan Parandaman, Togle Israel Rei Raymundo, Zhao Jie, Henry Nguyen Manh Ha, You Wei, Peng Jie, Yin Lu, John Huang Zhen, Chandrakant Singh, Yesu Babu Macharia.
  • Rigging Artist (Pre-Production, Glow 3D Animation Studios): Tessa Cam Rowe.
  • Production Managers: Travis E. Gates, Ashley Muncaster.
  • Post-Production Coordinator: Dorinda Ivey.
  • Post-Production Supervisor: David Candiff.
  • Supervising Sound Editor: Rick Hinson.
  • Sound Effects Editor: William Hinson.
  • Audio Post Coordinator: Marc Schmidt.
  • Dialogue Recordist: Alexander Hall.
  • Voiceovers Recorded At: Kozmic Sound.
  • Science Consultant: Dr. Scott Sampson.
  • Curriculum Consultant: Jordan Brown.
  • Casting: Vidaspark.
  • Production Accountant: Brittan Brown.
  • Production Assistants: Kristen Kuchenbecker, Michael Lloyd.
  • Business Affairs: Dan Scharf.
  • Creative Executive: Robert Fewkes.
  • Asset Coordinator: Johanna Nemeth.
  • Script Supervisor: Johanna Nemeth.
  • Advisor: Maura Kelly.

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Cartoon Summary:

Buddy, Tiny and Mom ride the Dinosaur Train to the Cretaceous Picnic Grounds. They meet Ernie Einiosaurus, who shows them what it's like to live in a herd of horned Ceratopsians.

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