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When Warner Bros. released Batman: The Animated Series, they did more to push ahead the art of animation than they possibly knew. The show hit audiences with a new, dark, serious approach to Batman they hadn't seen before. For the first time, an animated television show was really meant for something more than young children- it was serious. Well-written stories coupled with animation that was a step above the normal Saturday morning fare, the series featured a realism which brought the dirty, gritty world of Gotham City to life. Batman was represented to millions of kids not as a comic hero, but rather as a real and serious crime-fighting detective that inspires fear in his villains.

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Batman Show Segments:

The Adventures of Batman and Robin   (1993 – 1994, 21 Episodes.)
Batman: The Animated Series   (1992 – 1995, 65 Episodes.)
The Batman   (2004 – 2007, 60 Episodes.)
Alternate Series Title: The Batman
Batman Beyond   (1999 – 2001, 52 Episodes.)
Beware the Batman   (2013 –, 26 Episodes.)
Batman: The Brave and the Bold   (2008 – 2011, 65 Episodes.)
The New Batman Adventures   (1997 – 1998, 24 Episodes.)