Alternate Studio Title: Zuiyo Enterprises

This studio was a popular anime studio in the early 1970's. However, Zuiy Eiz found itself in financial trouble because of the high production costs of a series it was attempting to sell to the European market. In 1975, Zuiyo Eizo was split into two entities: Zuiyo (not Zuiy Eiz), which all the original company debt and the rights to the Heidi anime, and Nippon Animation, which essentially carried on as a new company with a core of Zuiy Eiz's original production staff.

Zuiy Eiz was based in Tokyo, Japan.

Zuiy Eiz Studio Directories Cartoon Series:

Alps no Shojo Heidi   (1974, 52 Episodes.)
Alternate Series Title: Heidi, Girl In The Alps

Chiisana Viking Vickie   (1974-1975, 78 Episodes.)
Alternate Series Title: Vicky The Viking

Furandāsu no Inu   (1975, 1 Series.)
Alternate Series Title: Dog Of Flanders

  (1984, 1 Series.)
Alternate Series Title: Elves Of The Forest

Yamanezumi Rocky Chuck   (1973, 20 Episodes.)
Alternate Series Title: Chuck The Woodchuck

  (1992, 1 Episode.)

Related Cartoon Series:

Nippon Animation
  (1975-, 3809 Cartoons)


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