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Launched in 1998, Sunrise Productions made media history with the release of the first ever feature length animation to come out of Africa, The Legend of the Sky Kingdom. This was followed by the multi-award-winning short animation children’s series, Jungle Beat, which has become Sunrise’s flagship property and been broadcast in over 170 countries.

Sunrise Productions is based in Zimbabwe.

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The Legend Of The Sky Kingdom Free Cartoon Pictures The Legend Of The Sky Kingdom2004
Sunrise Productions
 featuring Blockhead, Squidge, Lucky, Italiano, Badza, Clyde, Telly, Clapero, Peesquared, Hench, Sly, Gugulethu, Prof, Matron; more Characters More Cartoon Characters...

BCDB Rating: 1.8 out of 5 stars (1.85 stars from 2 users.)

Jungle Beat 2 - Because You're Gorgeous 2007
Sunrise Productions
 featuring Warthog.

Jungle Beat 2 - Because You're Gorgeous There have not yet been any votes for "Jungle Beat 2 - Because You're Gorgeous". Vote Now! 23