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Vancouver, British Columbia based computer animation company. They are best known for producing the first ever CGI animated series ReBoot, as well as the acclaimed Transformers spin-off Beast Wars. Renamed Rainmaker Animation in 2007.

Mainframe Entertainment Studio Directories Cartoon Series:

Action Man   (2000, 27 Episodes.)

Beast Machines   (1999, 13 Episodes.)

  (2000-2001, 13 Episodes.)

Beast Wars: Transformers   (1996-1999, 52 Episodes.)

Hot Wheels Highway 35 World Race   (2003, 5 Episodes.)
Alternate Series Title: Hot Wheels World Race

ReBoot   (1994-2001, 47 Episodes.)

ShadowRaiders   (1998, 26 Episodes.)
Alternate Series Title: War Planets

Weird-Ohs   (1999-2000, 26 Episodes.)

Related Cartoon Series:

 Heavy Gear: The Animated Series
  (2001, 40 Cartoons)

Max Steel
  (2000, 35 Cartoons)

Rainmaker Entertainment
  (2007-, 3 Cartoons)

Mainframe Entertainment Studio :

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