English Series Title: Gloria, Wilma and Me

During this summer vacation, I did a totally, awesomely, crazy thing. I convinced my grandma Wilma to buy a camper so we could cross the States! My grandmother, who had never even left her small town of Great Oaks, Maine, was going to hit the road and see the country! Unfortunately, her childhood friend Gloria decided to tag along.

Off to conquer Hollywood, two eccentric grannies and a teenage girl wreak havoc from one end of the United States to the other!

Nothing less than a Homeric-scale voyage where, from a casting beauty contest and through innumerable visits to everything that can possibly be visited, Melody, the young girl, will, far more than she would have wished, have to play the role of grown-up. It will soon be clear to her that it will be up to her to get the little group out of all of the hilarious predicaments that the two old ladies get them into! A young girl brimming with willpower, a naive oh-so-well-mannered grandmother, and an old, has-been of an actress who is a pathological liar into the bargain, will thus set out on a mind-blowing trip across the United States.

Gloria, Wilma et Moi :


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