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A anthology package containing Rainbow Brite, Popples, and Ulysses 31 and syndicated by DiC Entertainment. The show began as a mid-season replacement, and by its firs full season in September, Ulysses 31 was dropped in favor of reruns of The Get-Along Gang.

The show was hosted by four car-obsessed teenagers hang out in a clubhouse: two good kids: a guy with a toy car over his shoulders and his girlfriend in a yellow blue frilly jump-suit, try to reform Fast Lane, a guy with slicked up fiery red hair and a cardboard hot rod around his shoulders, who often serves as a bad influence to Couch Potato, a chubby guy in a yellow jump-suit.

Kideo TV Episode Guide Cartoon Series:

Popples Popples   (1986, 42 Episodes.)

Rainbow Brite Rainbow Brite   (1985-1987, 13 Episodes.)

Ulysses 31 Ulysses 31   (1986, 26 Episodes.)
Alternate Series Title: Space Legend Ulysses 31

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Kideo TV (Series) Pictures Of Cartoons Kideo TV (Series)1986
DiC Entertainment
 featuring Fast Lane, Couch Potato.

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