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French Studio Title: Dargaud Marina

Dargaud Media produces children’s animation, documentaries and feature-length films. Recognized for their quality, Dargaud Media’s productions are sold to television channels all over the world, in a booming market. Dargaud Media continues to expand its stock of audiovisual content, adding two or three new series each year.

Dargaud Media Dargaud Media was based in France.

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Dargaud Media Studio Directories Cartoon Series:

Boule et Bill   (2005, 104 Episodes.)
English Series Title: Billy & Buddy

Garfield & Cie   (2008 –, 153 Episodes.)
English Series Title: The Garfield Show

Kitou the Six-Eyed Monster   (2003 – 2004, 52 Episodes.)

The Last Reservation   (2000, 1 Episode.)

Lucky Luke   (1990 – 1991, 26 Cartoons.)

Les Nouvelles Aventures de Lucky Luke   (2001, 52 Episodes.)
English Series Title: The New Adventures Of Lucky Luke

Jacques Cousteau's Ocean Tales   (2003, 26 Episodes.)

Petit Potam   (1997, 1 Series.)
English Series Title: Little Hippo

Princesse Du Nil   (1998, 1 Series.)
English Series Title: Princess of the Nile

Roma   (2000, 1 Series.)

Swift and the Little Circus   (2000, 26 Episodes.)
English Series Title: Swift and the Little Circus

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