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Asterix Et Le Coup Du Menhir Story Detail

Asterix Et Le Coup Du Menhir Cartoon Picture

  • Feature Length Animated Film
  • Distributed by: Gaumont, Jugendfilm-Verleih
  • Cartoon Characters: Astérix, Obélix, Le devin Prolix, Abraracourcix - Le chef du village, Bonemine, Panoramix, Le centurion, Optione, Assurancetourix, Bocus, Décurion, Ordralfabétix, Agecanonix, Blocus.
    English Version: Vitalstatistix, Caous, Obelix, Cacofonix, Crysus, Impedimenta, Getafix, Prolix, Asterix, Ardeco.
    German Version: Asterix, Obelix, Miraculix, Majestix, Lügfix, Zenturio, Optio, Dekurio, Handcus, Gutemine, Automatix, Troubadix, Verleihnix, Madame Methusalix, Methusalix, Madame Verleihnix, Gallier, Römer, Gallierinnen.
  • Originally Released in Oct 4, 1989 (Estimate).

  • Color (Eastmancolor)
  • Running Time: 81 minutes.
  • France  France / Germany  Germany


Cartoon Synopsis:

While taking on the defence of a Druid attacked by the Romans, Obélix sics a "menhir" (standing stone or megalith, erected as a monument) on his attackers.

Unfortunately, it's the Druid who's the unintended target. He loses his reason, his memory, and the formula of the magic potion.

A storm bursts, to the terror of the Gauls, who expect the sky to fall on their heads.... A bothersome character appears, claiming to be psychic, but coming up against Astérix's skepticism.

Hunted, he is caught in the forest by Bonemine, the village chief's wife, who believes in his flattering predictions.

Soon, the whole town marches into the impostor's hiding place, covering it with foodstuffs, then with gold.

Nevertheless, Astérix and Obélix strive to pull Panoramix the Druid out of his madness and amnesia.

The false psychic, captured by the Romans, reveals the state of the Druid to them. Passed along to the chief, Centurion, he returns to the town in Gaul to warn its inhabitants of big misfortunes to come soon. He thus provokes an almost general exodus, allowing the Romans to occupy the abandoned town as conquerors.

The diehards who stay: Astérix and Panoramix, who finally recovers his reason just as Obélix dispatches a second menhir on his noggin, precisely to obtain the same effect.

Fortunately, there's no damage, and the new magic potion soon proves its effectiveness.

Only a few Gauls, armed with pastry rolls, suffice to sicken the Roman camp and to avenge the "psychic," who just flees at the moment that a new menhir, launched once more by Obélix, comes to stick on the ground.

An emissary of Caesar, having just noted the Gauls' defeat, discovers Centurion's inability, degrades him, and charges him with repairing the damage.

As usual, a big final banquet reunites the irreducible Gauls, once again triumphant.

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Asterix Et Le Coup Du Menhir