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Open Season Cartoon Picture
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  • Theatrical Film
  • Distributed by: Columbia Pictures
  • Cartoon Characters: Boog, Elliot, Shaw, Beth, McSquizzy, Bobbie, Reilly, Giselle, Gordy, Ian, Mr. Weenie, Rosie, Serge, Hunter, Maria, O'Toole, Porcupine, Deni.
  • Originally Released in 2006.
  • Color
  • U.S.A.  U.S.A.


Cartoon Synopsis:

Boog, a happily domesticated grizzly bear, has his life turned upside-down after he meets Elliot, a scrawny, fast-talking wild mule deer.

In the tranquil mountain town of Timberline, 900-pound Boog enjoys an idyllic existence. He spends his days as the star of the town's nature show and his nights living a life of luxury in the garage of Park Ranger Beth, who raised him since he was a cub.

Every town has a bully, and Timberline's is paranoid uber-hunter Shaw. Shaw believes that animals are conspiring against humans. "So we have to get them before they get us!" When he drives into town with one-horned mule deer Elliot strapped to the hood of his truck, Boog is reluctant to intervene. But, moved by Elliot's pleas for help, Boog- against his better judgment- frees him.

He never expects to see Elliot again.

But Elliot has other plans. He follows Boog home and is intent on returning the favor by "freeing" Boog from his garage "captivity." Elliot introduces Boog to a world of sweet temptations that he has never known. But when the bear's true instincts begin to emerge, events quickly spiral out of control, and the two troublemakers are tranquilized and relocated into the wild- only three days before the start of open season and the arrival of Shaw!

Boog, a grizzly without any real bear skills, and Elliot as his hapless guide, attempt to find their way back to the safety of Timberline. But in the woods, they quickly learn that it's every animal for himself. Boog and Elliot run into their share of wacky characters, including hot-tempered skunks, psychotic ducks and panic-stricken rabbits. They also run into critters such as McSquizzy and his rogue gang of Scottish squirrels, Reilly and his beaver construction team, and a porcupine who just needs a hug. With each adverse encounter, Boog learns a little more about self-reliance, and Elliot gains self-respect. After their run-in with Ian, a militaristic mule deer who forced Elliot out of the herd, they realize that they've obtained something even more important: true friendship.

With hunting season upon them and Shaw in hot pursuit, Boog and Elliot use their new life lessons to unite the woodland creatures. In a rowdy, madcap battle, they make the woods safe once and for all by turning the hunters into the hunted.

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