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Pollux Et Le Chat Bleu Story Detail

  • Feature Length Animated Film
  • Distributed by: Valoria Films
  • Cartoon Characters: Pollux, Zébulon, Blue Cat, Margote, Father Jouvence, Azalée, Ambroise, Flapy, "Blue Voice".
  • Originally Released in 1970.
  • Color (Eastmancolor)
  • Running Time: 83 minutes.
  • France  France


Cartoon Synopsis:

Watched at night by his cuckoo clock, Pollux the dog dreams of his girlfriend Margote (and of sugar to crunch) when he's awakened by a light but odd noise. He gets up gently and notices, in the distant and forbidden Bois Joli (Pretty Wood), a light filtering from a supposedly disused factory. The machines turn on again, and Pollux wonders why.

The next morning, his first task is to inform his friends of the event. Neither Azalée the cow, Ambroise the snail, Flapy the rabbit nor even Jouvence, the old gardener, pay attention to his story.

But, in Bois Joli, a flower withers abruptly. Then a poppy grows, while a sudden flowering of cornflowers, bellflowers and other flora turn the ground blue.

It's then that Margote finds in her village town an astonishing cat: a blue cat!

One can guess the surprise and the joy that this spurs with Margote's friends. Driven by Zébulon to Bois Joli, they take the news enthusiastically- except for Pollux, who anguishes over his nighttime discovery and the flowers' metamorphosis.

Leaving to prowl around the mysterious factory, Pollux figures out the truth. The "Blue Voice" has decided to conquer the world. Everything threatens to turn blue: cactus, nightmares, tempests and even anger! No other color will charm the eyes.

The cat passes seven blue doors and passes seven tests. He's made king. To show his power, he throws an army of factory workers at Zébulon, robs Zébulon's magic mustaches, then confines the hosts of Bois Joli in the factory's cave. Pollux remains alone, lost in a blue universe.

Following advice he is given, Pollux tints himself blue. Then, frustrating the traps that set for him by the distrusting Blue Cat, he triumphs over fearsome temptation in a cell made of sugar where his hunger is put to a rough test!

Adopted by the Blue Cat, Pollux is made prime minister. Both are sent to the moon by the "Blue Voice," but there, while falling in a lunar sea, Pollux loses his blue tint and reveals his true colors. A thankless scuffle bursts forth in space, in the rocket, and then in the factory between the Blue Cat and Pollux- to the point that the furious "Blue Voice" scuttles the factory and destroys his own power.

The hosts of the Bois Joli can regain their lucky garden. After this adventure, the Blue Cat turns red in embarrassment, then becomes white like an ordinary cat. At last, the former Blue Cat wins the pardons of Pollux and his girlfriend.

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Pollux Et Le Chat Bleu