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Golden Gang Story Detail

Golden Gang Cartoon Picture

  • 8 Man Anime Episode Guide
  • Distributed by: ABC Films
  • Cartoon Characters: Brady/Tobor/8 Man, Professor Genius, Chief of Police Fumblethumbs, Jenny Heartsweet, Skip Pepper.
  • Originally Released in 1963.
  • Black & White
  • Running Time: 25 minutes.
  • Japan  Japan


Cartoon Synopsis:

The mysterious disappearance of huge golden art treasures has Chief Fumblethumbs completely stymied. While Tobor is out of the office a girl named Lily shows up at the office disturbed about something she saw at her home; a man walked inside a statue in the yard. So Lily and Skip leave to investigate at her home, no one is there but them and Graybar, the butler. While searching for clues in a room they are assaulted with a knockout gas. When Skip doesn't return 8th Man goes to Lily's home as Tobor, and Graybar answers and tells him that Skip left hours ago. Suspicious of the fact that Skip didn't t not return to the office, Tobor waits and soon a car pulls in and it is men from the Numbers Gang. 8th Man takes one of their places and enters the secret hideout going to the statue just as Lily had seen. Inside the hideout 8th Man learns the secret of the robberies and the purpose, to sell the gold to Intercrime. It was done using the Molecule Modulator, a ray that shrinks/expands only items made of gold, and the leader of the gang, who calls himself Goldshrinker, invented it. 8th Man gives himself away to be a spy by speaking aloud, which the Numbers Gang wasn't allowed to do, without permission from the leader. So, 8th Man is led into a trap and gassed also, but this doesn't affect him so he pretends to be knocked-out and the Gang take him, Skip and Lily out to sea to dump them into the ocean. 8th Man breaks loose, commandeers the speedboat and returns Skip and Lily to safety. Then he confronts Goldshrinker, Mr. Crimebuyer and the whole Numbers Gang, he is whooping them pretty good until his energy runs low (bad timing). As he falters, he is shot and knocked down, gleefully Goldshrinker binds him a places a charge of dynamite beside him, but one of the Gang rushes in and announces that patrol boats have discovered them so they must run for the cars, they light that fuse before they rush off though. 8th Man is able to reach one of his super-energy booster cigarettes and light it off the fuse and escape destruction in the nick of time. As Goldshrinker and his Gang are about to drive away, 8th Man blocks the road ordering them to surrender, and they answer back with machine-gun fire. Apparently, this is about all that 8th Man is going to take because now he produces the Molecule Modulator ray-gun and threaten to use it, much to the dismay of the Gang, despite their cries for him to desist, 8th Man fires the reverse effect causing the golden treasures in their cars to expand, and expand until the force rips them apart. When the smoke clears the crooks are all trapped under the golden treasures. Goldshrinker is unmasked to guessed it the butler did it!

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Golden Gang