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Perseus: The Search For Medusa Story Detail

Perseus: The Search For Medusa Cartoon Picture

  • Mythic Warriors: Guardians of the Legend Cartoon Episode Guide
  • Cartoon Characters: Perseus, Medusa, Zeus, Hermes, King Polydectes, Princess Danae, Vendor, King's Advisor, Kindly Fisherman, Young Perseus, Gray Sisters.
  • Originally Released in 1998.
  • Color
  • Running Time: 30 minutes.
  • Canada  Canada / France  France


Cartoon Synopsis:

Young Perseus is a demi-god, his mother being mortal, his father being Zeus, king of all the gods. But Zeus, being too busy with the affairs of Mount Olympus to pay attention to his mortal son, left Perseus to grow up alone to take care of his mother. Later, the evil King Polydectes, having fallen in love with Perseus' mother, tries to force her to marry him. Perseus tries to stop Polydectes, but the cunning king goads Perseus into proving that he is really the son of a god by bringing back the head of the monster Medusa. When Zeus learns of this, he suddenly pays attention to his mortal son, sending the god Hermes to talk Perseus out of this futile quest. But Perseus resents his father's help: he was never there before, when Perseus needed him. Determined to defeat Medusa on his own terms, Perseus visits the "Grey Sisters," three ghastly witches, who offer him a choice of weapons or wisdom. The rash Perseus takes the weapons, and he is nearly turned to stone by the snake-haired Medusa. A desperate Perseus finally realizes that he does need the help of others. Reconciling things with Zeus, and returning to the "Grey Sisters," Perseus is given advice, along with a polished shield, and, using both, tricks and defeats Medusa. Then he returns to King Polydectes with Medusa's head, and he turns the king and his soldiers to stone, thus freeing his mother.

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Perseus: The Search For Medusa