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Diamond In The Rough Story Detail

Diamond In The Rough Cartoon Picture

  • Sailor Moon R Anime Episode Guide
  • Distributed by: DiC Entertainment
  • Cartoon Characters: Serena/Sailor Moon, Luna, Amy/Sailor Mercury, Raye/Sailor Mars, Makoto (Lita)/Jupiter, Mina/Sailor Venus, Artemis, Darien/Tuxedo Mask, Rini/Wicked Lady, Prince Diamond, Wiseman.
  • Originally Released in 1998.
  • Color
  • Running Time: 24 minutes.
  • Japan  Japan


Cartoon Synopsis:

Serena is running through the park to meet up with the other Scouts. Molly stops her and asks if she knows anything about the Black Crystal. Serena tries to talk herself out of it, but Molly realizes she can't confirm anything and lets her go. Diamond confronts Wiseman over the death of Saffire. He warns Wiseman that he'll be dealt with after Earth falls. Tuxedo Mask has gone into the crystal to stop it. The Scouts try to follow and are rebuffed. They teleport into the crystal. When they materialize, Sailor Moon falls through a trapdoor and falls into Diamond's chamber. He tries to mesmerize her with his third eye again, but when he kisses her, she speaks Darien's name. His rage breaks the spell and when he tries again, she resists. She asks him why he lusts after revenge so and he explains, but Saffire's words haunt him and he realizes Wiseman has duped him. Wiseman appears and tries to kill Sailor Moon, but Diamond protects her. Diamond vaporizes Wiseman. Sailor Moon tries to ease his pain, as Wiseman reforms. Wiseman strikes, killing Diamond. He dies in her arms, begging her to protect life. Wiseman demands the Silver Crystal, trying to brainwash her with images of Darien in the arms of Wicked Lady. Sailor Moon won't succumb, so Wiseman strikes at her. Tuxedo Mask deflects his blast. The Scouts appear, too, and Wiseman retreats, swearing to destroy all life. They all appear outside the crystal and Wicked Lady swoops in for the kill.

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Diamond In The Rough