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A Curried Favor Story Detail

A Curried Favor Cartoon Picture

  • Sailor Moon R Anime Episode Guide
  • Distributed by: DiC Entertainment
  • Cartoon Characters: Serena/Sailor Moon, Luna, Amy/Sailor Mercury, Raye/Sailor Mars, Makoto (Lita)/Jupiter, Mina/Sailor Venus, Darien/Tuxedo Mask, Rini, Kenji, Ikuko, Sammy, Rubeus, Avery, Prisma.
  • Originally Released in 1995.
  • Color
  • Running Time: 24 minutes.
  • Japan  Japan


Cartoon Synopsis:

Kenji and Ikuko ask Serena to attend the curry party at Rini's school in their place. Serena agrees, but Rini doesn't want her. Outside, Rini recalls her parents again and gets upset. Luna counsels Serena on how to handle Rini. Serena finds Rini trying to cook Curry Rice, but she's too young to do it right. Serena offers to ask Darien if they can all go together and Rini lights up. Darien only agrees to placate Rini. Rini asks Serena to make the Curry Rice. Wisely Darien offers to help. Prisma and Avery are bickering again when Rubeus arrives. Avery snatches the assignment and rushes off, with Prisma in pursuit. Serena goes to the girls for some quick cooking lessons. Encouraged, she goes to the store for supplies with Rini and Darien. On the way, Rini holds Darien and Serena's hands and Serena suddenly gets a feeling of pleasure. The store is in the process of being changed by Prisma and Avery, and all the food is rotten. Infected fruit is turning the customers. Rini and Darien leave, but Serena doggedly stays. Darien encourages Rini to cut Serena some slack. Raye arrives and Rini asks her to make the Curry Rice. Raye confesses she uses instant Curry Rice. Rini invites Raye to the curry party in Serena's place. Raye convinces Rini that isn't nice to Serena and they agree to go find her. Entering the store, Raye gets a psychic flash. She sends Rini off to find Darien, then transforms. Mars finds Serena and Luna dodging Prisma's droid. Mars distracts the droid, allowing Serena to change, but neither can destroy it. A rose from Tuxedo Mask stops it. He fights the droid while Mars attacks Prisma and Avery. When the rest of the Scouts show up, the Sisters leave. That evening, Serena is trying to cook the Curry Rice. The kitchen is a mess and the final product looks terrible, but ends up actually tasting good.

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A Curried Favor