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Serena Times Two Story Detail

Serena Times Two Cartoon Picture

  • Sailor Moon R Anime Episode Guide
  • Distributed by: DiC Entertainment
  • Cartoon Characters: Serena/Sailor Moon, Luna, Amy/Sailor Mercury, Raye/Sailor Mars, Makoto (Lita)/Jupiter, Mina/Sailor Venus, Artemis, Darien/Tuxedo Mask, Rini, Kenji, Ikuko, Sammy, Rubeus, Catsy, Birdie, Avery, Prisma, Wiseman.
  • Originally Released in 1995.
  • Color
  • Running Time: 24 minutes.
  • Japan  Japan


Cartoon Synopsis:

Serena and Darien were on a date. During their kiss, a ball with a black cat's face (that looks suspiciously like Luna) falls from the sky and strikes Serena. Then a little pink-haired girl falls from the sky and strikes Serena. The five-year-old, with a hairstyle similar to Serena's, jealously warns Serena away from Darien and proclaims her name to be Rini. She and Serena get into an argument and Serena stalks off. When she gets home, Ikuko presents Serena's cousin, who'll be staying with them. It's Rini, and Serena seems to be the only family member who knows they don't have a cousin Rini, even though Ikuko produces pictures to prove it. Rini later pops up in Serena's bath, demanding the Silver Crystal. Then she appears in Serena's bed, demanding the Silver Crystal. Serena loses her temper. Ikuko yells at her for yelling at a child. In the future, a shadowy agent reports to a cloaked, floating apparition named Wiseman that "The Rabbit" is nowhere to be found. Rubeus swears to find her. Serena asks the girls for advice on Rini. Rini sneaks in and is caught by Serena. Serena demands an explanation. Scared, Rini begins crying and a crescent moon mark appears on her forehead. A brilliant shaft of light springs into the sky from Rini, attracting Catsy, an agent of the NegâMoon. Catsy appeared and attacked Serena. Ducking away, she changed to Sailor Moon and stopped Catsy from killing Rini. Tuxedo Mask appears to protect Sailor Moon from Catsy's fire blasts. Before Sailor Moon can use the scepter on her, Catsy flees. Tuxedo Mask picks up Rini and gets a vision of a crystal tower. Rini mumbles that she feels warm and safe. In the mirror room inside their spaceship, Catsy vows to Rubeus she will finish off "The Rabbit".

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Serena Times Two