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It starts out as a multi-colored band plays the "Norman Normal theme song." Norman closes the door on the band and tells us, "Hi, I'm your hero. That music was the opening number and you'll hear it again at the end." Norman also shows us it's behind another door is what the cartoon is all about. He walks in and his boss asks him to make a client sign a contract by getting him drunk. "Eveybody's doing it, Norm!" Norman is uncomfortable about the request. "Nobody'll ever know." "I'll know." While arguing, the cartoon demonstrates how immature the argument is. Finally, Norman gives in, but really won't do it. "I'll go to his office and I'll say, look here B.B. we got a good ball bearing and we haven't. You don't buy favors with alcohol. Basically a psychiatrist is sorta a father image." With this, Norman asks his dad what's right and wrong, but instead, his dad rambles on and on of his times, and also tells Norman to "not make waves and fit in." Norman opens another door and ends up in a business party. There, he meets his friend Leo, who wears an lampshade on his head and asks for approval. Norman approves of him. Another one of Norman's friends starts telling him a joke about "the traveling salesman." But Norman asks him if the joke is "going to be about a minority group, And after you tell it, we're all gonna laugh and feel superior?" The bartender, Hal, insults Norman after Norman selects ginger ale as his beverage of choice instead of getting an alcoholic drink. Norman leaves and apologizes for the confusion back at the party and reopens the door to the multi-colored band again. We zoom out, and we see that the door is on his forehead. He closes it.

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