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Tuxedo Melvin Story Detail

Tuxedo Melvin Cartoon Picture

  • Sailor Moon Anime Episode Guide
  • Distributed by: DiC Entertainment
  • Cartoon Characters: Serena Tsukino/Sailor Moon, Luna, Amy/Sailor Mercury, Raye/Sailor Mars, Makoto (Lita)/Jupiter, Darien/Tuxedo Mask, Molly, Melvin, Andrew, Queen Beryl, Zoicite, Malachite.
  • Originally Released in 1995.
  • Color
  • Running Time: 24 minutes.
  • Japan  Japan


Cartoon Synopsis:

At night, Luna communicated with an unseen superior through the arcade's Sailor V video game. The voice told her the last scout would appear soon. Luna gathers everyone and relates the history of the Moon Kingdom to him or her. Malachite gave Zoicite a plan to retrieve the Rainbow Crystal that Sailor Moon had. At school, Melvin doted on Molly so much that Serena thought they were an item. Molly quickly denied this, which hurt Melvin. He asked Serena for advice on how to win Molly and she suggested he be cool'. Later Melvin appeared in public dressed as Tuxedo Mask, without the mask, and vowed to protect Molly at all times. She was embarrassed, but agreed to go with him to the amusement park out of sympathy. Andrew gave Serena tickets to the same park, but not as a date as Serena hoped. At the park, the trio was watching a live show resembling the Power Rangers when Zoicite appeared and changed the fake monster into a real one. It hit the crowd with giant moss balls that threatened to smother them. Tuxedo Melvin tried to vanquish it, but was knocked away. Molly was engulfed when she tried to help him as Sailor Moon fought the monster. Zoicite told Sailor Moon to give her the Rainbow Crystal or she'd let everyone smother. Sailor Moon started to comply, but Tuxedo Mask appeared and knocked it away. While he and Zoicite fought for the crystal, Sailor Moon changed the monster back to an actor and the moss-balls disappeared. Zoicite ran off with the crystal. Molly cradled Melvin in her lap, grateful for his efforts on her behalf. But Serena was disappointed Tuxedo Mask seemed to care more for the crystals than for her.

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Tuxedo Melvin