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The Amazons Story Detail

The Amazons Cartoon Picture

  • Taiyô No Ko Eseban Cartoon Episode Guide
  • Cartoon Characters: Lana, Esteban, Zia, Tao, Mendoza, Pedro, Sancho, Gwynn, General Gomez, Subcommander Gaspard, Metnard, Carmec, Priest, Wanococha, Wyna.
    Characters (English Version): Tao, Zia, Gomez, Lana, Morca, Myeena, The Doctor, Captain Perez, Pedro.
    Characters (French Version): Mendoza, Esteban, Pedro, Zia, Gaspard, Gomez, Sancho, Pichu, Pizarro, Tao, Récitante des résumés, Récitant des documentaires.
  • Originally Released in Sep 21, 1982 (Estimate).

  • Color
  • Running Time: 30 minutes.
  • Japan  Japan / France  France


Cartoon Synopsis:

The condor flies over a jungle, following a broad river. A huge black storm cloud gathers, but Esteban, piloting the condor, fails to evade it in time. The cloud blocking the sun, the condor loses power and goes into a dive, crash landing next to the river. There are too many trees blocking the sun for it to take off again. A giant snake emerges from the river. Mendoza delays it with a tree branch in the face, while the party arm themselves with sticks and head into the jungle. While running from a jaguar, they dive into a tunnel amongst the roots of a giant tree, and find themselves in a flower-filled paradise. They hear distant drums, and have warning arrows fired at them by a pair of Amazon women, who violently resist the amorous advances of Sancho and Pedro. More women arrive, breaking up the fight, and take the party to see their Queen. Taken to the women's city, they are confronted by a bizarrely-masked priestess, Omoro, who plans to sacrifice them to appease their rain god. Mendoza tells them that Esteban can call out the sun. The priestess refuses to listen, but the Queen is curious and gives Esteban a chance to prove the claim. Wind and lightning springs forth, but as the priestess prepares to kill him, the rain stops and the sun emerges. The impressed Queen welcomes them as guests

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The Amazons