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The Great Condor Story Detail

The Great Condor Cartoon Picture

  • Taiyô No Ko Eseban Cartoon Episode Guide
  • Cartoon Characters: Lana, Esteban, Zia, Tao, Mendoza, Pedro, Sancho, Gwynn, General Gomez, Subcommander Gaspard, Metnard, Carmec, Priest, Wanococha, Wyna.
    Characters (English Version): Tao, Zia, Gomez, Lana, Morca, Myeena, The Doctor, Captain Perez, Pedro.
    Characters (French Version): Mendoza, Esteban, Pedro, Zia, Gaspard, Gomez, Sancho, Pichu, Pizarro, Tao, Récitante des résumés, Récitant des documentaires.
  • Originally Released in Sep 17, 1982 (Estimate).

  • Color
  • Running Time: 30 minutes.
  • Japan  Japan / France  France


Cartoon Synopsis:

The party walk through rocky desert, towards the mountain. Sancho and Pedro fight over their small supply of water. Finally they stop in the shade of some rocks for a rest and a drink. The children are about to drink their share when the Urubu chief, Karuga, staggers into view and collapses. Esteban and Zia give him their share of the water. He explains that he was banished for his failure in attacking the village, and warns them that the Urubu plan to ambush them and take Zia as a sacrifice. The points them to the Valley of the Dead, the only safe route, then leaves them. Tao feels guilty for not offering his water ration, and shares it with Esteban and Zia. The party continue, unaware of the Urubu watching them from the cliff tops. When they open fire, the party run to the Valley of the Dead, filled with sulphurous gas, which the Urubu are afraid to enter. The gang make their way out of the valley. The rays of the setting sun shine between two peaks, reflecting off something up a nearby mountain. They climb up to investigate, and find a large statue of the earth goddess, Pachamama. Esteban and Zia place their medallions upon the statue's breasts, and the nearby rock face slides open, revealing a hidden, abandoned city. Searching for gold, they investigate a huge temple with a gold sun emblem on the wall. Esteban removes the center piece. Light shines from the hole he opens, reflecting off the ceiling onto the floor. The room is filled with a brilliant light and a huge gold statue of a condor emerges from the floor.

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The Great Condor