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Cartoon Synopsis:

Here in the bleak, freezing Arctic, Chilly Willy and Smedley sit silently at a bare table listening to each other's hunger pangs. The supply plane is two days late in a region where just one day is six months long. The roar of jet engines sends them scurrying down to mark a spot on the ice for the plane's supply drop. Boxes of food tumble down, only to crash through the ice and sink. A can of beans is salvaged, but when it's opened, just one bean drops out.

As Smedley prepares to slice this tidbit, a mouse reaches through a hole in the table, and the bean disappears. Chilly's stomach starts growling again, but suddenly, he drools and his eyes spiral. Smedley has turns into a giant hot dog, so Chilly paints him with mustard and helps himself to a big bite.

Gently, Smedley explains to him that he's a dog, and that penguins don't eat dogs, but no sooner said than he finds himself standing and broiling on a Hibachi. Becoming faintly suspicious of Chilly's carnivorous intentions, Smedley rushes to the wireless room to SOS for steaks, chickens, etc. and waffles. Just as he finishes, he detects the scent of baking waffles right behind him. Delighted with such fast service, he turns and bites right into his own tail, which Chilly has waffled and baked.

Smedley chases Chilly up a ladder, only to fall into a water tank which has been labeled "Crow's Nest." The water starts boiling as Chilly pours meat tenderizer into the tank. Now finally convinced that Chilly's really trying to eat him, Smedley vows to lower the boom. He starts chasing Chilly around and around, but he ends up standing on a springboard, which Chilly's sawing off. He crashes into a barrel with his tail protruding through a hole. Chilly paints the tail to resemble a penguin, which Smedley grabs and chops in the mistaken notion that he's chopping off Chilly's head.

Just then, they hear the sound of jet engines, and again, they mark a spot for the supply landing. Just as the boxes are dropped, a huge whale breaks through the X-marked ice, and again, the food disappears. Chilly and Smedley look at each other. Chilly shrugs, but Smedley's eyes suddenly transform Chilly into a roast chicken, and we iris out as the chase, now in reverse, begins.

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