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Tarzoon, la Honte de la Jungle Story Detail

Tarzoon, la Honte de la Jungle Cartoon Picture

  • Feature Length Animated Film
  • Distributed by: Fox-Lira
  • Cartoon Characters: Shame [Tarzoon], June, Flicka, Queen Bazonga, Chef M'Bulu, Siamese Twins, English Generals, Speaker, Professor Cedric Addlepate, Steffanie Starlet, Brutish, Guru, Nurse.
  • Originally Released in 1975.
  • Color
  • Running Time: 80 minutes.
  • Belgium  Belgium / France  France


Cartoon Synopsis:

Perched in his treetop hut, Shame spends happy days in the company of Flicka, his monkey, and June, his wife.

Queen Bazonga- adventurous, hysterically misanthropic and totally unscrupulous- lives nearby in her underground kingdom, protected by an army of zombies, phallic monsters of her own creation. Her scientific counselors (actually, a single two-headed creature) have constructed for her a fearsome death machine, a bomb which can go through the earth as easily as through the air! Queen Bazonga is ready to realize her big dream of conquering the world! But she's obsessed by her baldness, and only a scalp transplant can save her from her inferiority complex. June is kidnapped, tied up and taken on "zombieback" to the Queen's digs.

Swinging from vine to vine, it's Shame to the rescue. In his trans-jungle pursuit, he meets scientific explorers, greedy explorers and Japanese tourists. Crossing freeways, Shame is almost devoured by cannibal pygmies, but escapes thanks to the miraculous intervention of the pilot of a flying carpet.

At last, Shame arrives at Bazonga's palace. He sees the impressive maneuvers of the zombie armies, is taken prisoner and must repel the Queen's advances. He succeeds in rescuing June just as she is about to be scalped.

Chased by zombie battalions, Shame slips and falls on a vessel, which rushes through the jungle while destroying all in its path.

There's a fire aboard. Queen Bazonga, surrounded by the blaze, dies victim of her creatures. The weird vessel takes off...and Shame and June are ejected. Unhurt, they balance themselves softly at the end of their parachute. The vessel crushes itself, destroying the accursed palace. The jungle animals, gathered for Shame's triumph, watch the couple descend.

The winds take Shame and June towards the camp of a mad explorer who has taken refuge in the jungle and who dreams, of course, of conquering the world...

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Tarzoon, la Honte de la Jungle