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Cartoon Synopsis:

Popeye comes to life from the pages of a comic book and shows scenes from "I Eats My Spinach," "Wild Elephinks," "Axe Me Another" and "Popeye The Sailor" with new soundtracks.

This is a slightly longer Popeye entry by Dave Fleischer as he opens with a live-action sequence of a little boy buying a comic book of Popeye the Sailor. A local bully picks on the kid (who's in a girlie dress), and Popeye leaps to life from the cover of the magazine and shows the little kid scenes from some of his adventures. The first episode is the bull-fighting scene at a rodeo where Popeye must extricate himself from a scissor-lock hold by the bull. The next clip is the one where Bluto ties Olive to the railroad tracks and Popeye must take his spinach to demolish the train before it gets to Olive (she's flat enough already!). Then a hilariously politicall incorrect scene from "Wild Elephinks" as Popeye must take on all the jungle animals turning them into a variety of coats, stoles, handbags and other remnants! Finally, the log-rolling fight down the rapids between Popeye and Bluto concludes the retrospect as Popeye encourages the kid to eat his spinach, which the little boy does, and he knocks the bully for a loop. In the final scene, the boy chomps at a hilariously outsized can of spinach and sends the bully over the nearest roof with one punch. Modern parents in your neighborhood would probably scowl at you for showing this one to their kids - that's no way to solve conflicts!

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