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One Of Our Elephants Is Missing! Story Detail

One Of Our Elephants Is Missing! Cartoon Picture

  • Clue Club Cartoon Episode Guide
  • Cartoon Characters: Larry, Sheriff Bagley, Woofer, D.D., Pepper, Dotty, Wimper, Mr. Carloff, Mrs. Henkin.
  • Originally Released in 1976.
  • Season: 1
  • Color
  • Running Time: 30 minutes.
  • U.S.A.  U.S.A.


Cartoon Synopsis:

A zoo worker, Mr. Lucas, is tending to the elephant, Lucy, and the animals in the zoo are getting upset over something. Mr. Lucas leaves to get something for Lucy. A mysterious figure then enters the scene and goes and unlocks a gorilla's cage. Mr. Lucas comes back and discovers that Lucy is missing.

The next morning, Larry picks up the paper and sees the headline about the missing elephant and knows that this is a case for the Clue Club. Dotty wants to go but Larry tells her to stay at home and that they will call her with any updates.

Larry, Pepper, D.D., and the dogs arrive at the zoo as the sheriff is there interviewing people. He knew that they would come since it seemed like their kind of case. The gang talks to Mr. Bronson, the zoo manager and learn more information about the elephant. It seems that there were other animals taken from the zoo that night too. Pepper finds a clue by the gorilla cage and they put it in a hollow bone and send Woofer and Whimper with the bone back to Dotty so she can examine it and let them know what the item is. As Woofer and Whimper walk home, they are chased by a gorilla and it trie sto get the bone from them, but after a couple of funny scenes, they lose the gorilla and get the item to Dotty.

Larry, Pepper, and D. D. notice Mr. Lucas take a chimp from a cage and also find out about a new vet for the zoo named Mrs. Henkin. They now have three suspects to investigate and they plan a stakeout that night so they can catch whoever is stealing the animals, but D. D. gets in trouble and they scrap that plan for now.

Dotty calls them and informs them that the item they found was a tranquilizer dart and was strong enough to knock out an elephant. She also informs them that Mr. Bronson owns another animal zoo south of there and that he gets his animals from a man named Chris Carloff. Larry and the others decide to investigate Mr. Carloff's warehouse when the dogs return.

Larry enters the building by pole vaulting using a stick that Whimper found and once inside they split up and D. D. and Pepper search one area as Larry and the dogs go to another. D. D. and Pepper are chased by a vampire and after eating some garlic, they chase it away. Larry finds Mr. Carloff's office and finds bills and orders on his desk and Mr. Carloff comes in and tells him to leave.

Larry and the others meet outside near Mr. Carloff's truck and Larry opens it to discover a secret compartment and a feather inside. He puts it all together and they call in the sheriff.

The sheriff arrives and Larry explains how they got the animals and points out that the gorilla, Marvin, was stolen the same night as Lucy. One of the theives stayed behind dressed as a gorilla to help steal more animals another night. The thieves used a stuffed gorilla in place of the disguised thief so it would look like that the gorilla never left. The culprits are Mr. Carloff and Mrs. Henkin. Larry proves their guilt by some of the actions that were taken by them and the case is solved.

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One Of Our Elephants Is Missing!