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Monkey In The Middle Cast & Crew List

Monkey In The Middle Cartoon Picture

Nelvana Limited, Media World Features Pty. Ltd., ScreenWest Inc, TeleToon, Special Broadcasting Service Corporation James Kee, Terri Hawkes, Matthew King, Cliff Saunders, Paul Haddad, Hamish Hughes, Diane Fabian, Marvin Kaye, Maurice Dean Wint; Full Voice Cast Full Voice Cast.. Chris LaBonte, Steve French, Kevin Colbourne Michael Hirsh, Patrick Loubert, Clive A. Smith, John Tatoulis, John Callahan, Deborah Levin, Judy Malmgren, Stephen Hodgins; more Producers More Producers.. , , , Steven Hudecki, John Clifford White
  • 2000
  • Nelvana Limited, Media World Features Pty. Ltd., ScreenWest Inc, TeleToon, Special Broadcasting Service Corporation
  • Quads Episode Guide
  • Cartoon Characters: Reilly, Blazer, Fontaine, Lefty, Spalding, Griz, Deborah (Debbie) Golden, Franny, Mort Bromberg, Liz Bromberg, Sister Butch Johnson, Ricky, Rich Jamaican Guy.
  • Vocal Talent: James Kee (Reilly), Terri Hawkes (Franny), Matthew King (Spalding), Cliff Saunders (Blazer), Paul Haddad (Lefty), Hamish Hughes (Griz), Diane Fabian (Liz Bromberg), Marvin Kaye (Mort Bromberg), Maurice Dean Wint (Fontaine), Linda Kash Deborah [Debbie] Golden, Corinne Conley (Sister Butch Johnson).
  • Directed By Chris LaBonte, Steve French.
    Assistant Director: Kevin Colbourne.
  • Produced By Michael Hirsh, Patrick Loubert, Clive A. Smith, John Tatoulis, John Callahan, Deborah Levin, Judy Malmgren (Executive Producers).
    Supervising Producers: Stephen Hodgins, Patricia R. Burns, Marianne Culbert, Colin South.
  • Animated By Marc Sevier, Jeff Astolfo, Jeffrey Size, John Mahovlich, Faruk Cemalovic, Ron Kilbride, Shawn Seles, Dean Montgomery, Ann-Marie Denham, Richard Anthony, Marcus McKebery, Stefan Warren, Danny Kahan, Glen Wyand, Neil McNeil, Michael Lahay, Andre Beaulne, Miebaka Ogan, Todd Millias, Ian Beattie, Kelly Lynagh, Tamara Carmichael, Michael Vandenhoven, Adam Parton.
    Animation Supervisors: Evan Steacy, Richard Bailey, JC Reyes, Aaron Davies, Neil Salmon.
  • Written By Vito Viscomi.
    Story Editors: Andrew Nicholls, Darrell Vickers, Todd Thicke.

  • Creator: John Callahan.
  • Developed By: Andrew Nicholls, Darrell Vickers.
  • Line Producers: Marlene Schmidt, Ross Hutchens.
  • Script Editor: Chris Fitchett.
  • Voice Director: Dan Hennessey.
  • Casting Director: Karen Goora.
  • Casting Coordinator: Christine Geddes.
  • Recording Assistants: Kerry Bones, Edmond Chan.
  • Production Supervisors: Ruta Cube, Lazar Krum.
  • Production Managers: Judy Leung, Julie Feddersen.
  • Assistant to Producer: Liz O'Dea.
  • Production Coordinators: Nancy Graham.
  • Production Assistants: Robert Lee, Kate Beverley, Timothy Merks.
  • Production Secretaries: Francesca Strano.
  • Script Coordinator: Karen Moonah.
  • Storyboard Artists: Jamie Whitney, Paul Bouchard, Annelis Davis, Jeff Barker, Matthew Lehman, Adam Duncan, Lyndon Ruddy, Dave Pemberton, Ted Bastien, Neil Salmon, Aaron Davies, Ian Beattie, Richard Bailey.
  • Storyboard Clean-Up Artists: Sherilyn Dominey, Brian Zidovec, Richard Heath, Claude Parisi.
  • Storyboard Coordinators: Dinah Postma.
  • Design Supervisors: Mike Csunyoscka, Warwick Bennett.
  • Designers: Faruk Cemalovic, Brad Overall, Grace Garton, Domenic Sansonetti, Marion Kulyk, Michael Lahay, Scott Vanden Bosch, Juraj Korda.
  • Design Co-ordinators: Sairi D. Forest.
  • Scene Planners: Rodica Mihailescu, Ian Tregonning, Jo Jongbloed, Rosemary Collard, David Palmer.
  • Design Breaker: Dave Shepherd.
  • Colour Stylist: Joanne Merrill.
  • Colour Stylist Assistant: Laurel Daugherty-Seto.
  • Technical Directors: Michael Werth, Jehan Perera.
  • Picture Technical Director: Henny van Teylingen.
  • Technical Support: Anthony Chimming, Remko Noteboom, Erica Whitington.
  • Technical Lead, Pre-Production: Henry Watkins.
  • Pre-Production Supervisor: Liza Vespi.
  • Pre-Production Editing: John Lyons, Chris Gould, Malcolm Lewis, Darrell MacDonald, Peter Winninger, Oliver Clifton, Curtis Harry, David Wright, Lex MacCrimmon, Mark Sanders, Jeff Howard, Merlin Cornish.
  • GM Post Production: Joe Scrivo.
  • Post-Production Supervisor: Peter Burgess.
  • Post-Production Administrator: Ann McGuire.
  • Director Post-Production: Rob Kirkpatrick.
  • Post-Production Manager: Jason Held.
  • Post-Production Coordinators: Salina Sprague.
  • Digital Picture Supervisors: John Fleming, AAV Australia Pty Ltd.
  • Offline Picture Editors: Doug Appeldoorn, David Redknap.
  • Technical Sound Manager: Ian MacWilliams, Labsonics Pty Ltd.
  • Sound Mixer: Stephen Witherow.
  • Music Engineer: Scott Heming.
  • Sound Editor: John Penders.
  • Dialogue and Sound Effects Editors: Gavin Myers, Dallas Johnston.
  • Business and Legal Affairs: Suzanne L. Cross, Gai Steele.
  • Completion Guarantor: Anni Browning, Film Finances, Inc.
  • Executive for Teletoon: Madeleine Levesque.
  • Australian Sales: Media World Features Pty Ltd.
  • International Sales: Nelvana.

  • Produced in Association With
    SBS Independent Commissioning Editor
    SBS Independent Miranda Dear

    Produced in association with
    ScreenWest and The Lotteries Commission of Western Australia

    Produced with the participation of Teletoon Canada Inc.
    With the assistance of CAVCO

    © 2000 Nelvana Limited/Media World Features Pty Ltd/ScreenWest Inc/Special Broadcasting Service Corporation

    NELVANA is a registered trade-mark of Nelvana Limited.
    All Rights Reserved

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