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Monster Mash Cast & Crew List

Monster Mash Cartoon Picture
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DiC Entertainment, Radiotelevisione Italiana, Rai Cinemafiction Scott McNeil, David Sobolov, Janyse Jaud, Phil Trainer, David Pavlovitch, W. Harlan May, Jason Michas, French Tickner, Robert O. Smith; Full Voice Cast Full Voice Cast.. Guido Manuli, Kim Jung Kon, Hong Woon Sub, Kurt Weldon Janice Sonski, Andy Heyward, Michael Maliani, Robby London, Eddie Fitzpatrick, Michael Fountleroy, Michelle Blaya , Jean-Michel Guirao
  • 2000
  • Animated TV Special
  • DiC Entertainment, Radiotelevisione Italiana (RAI), Rai Cinemafiction
  • MCA/Universal Pictures, RaiTrade, Universal Studios Home Video
  • TV Special
  • Cartoon Characters: The Wolfman, Drac, Frankie, Yorick, Spike, Mom, Alieneator.
  • Vocal Talent: Scott McNeil (The Wolfman), David Sobolov (Frankie, Alieneator), Janyse Jaud (Spike, Mom), Phil Trainer (Yorick, singing), David Pavlovitch (Monster Mash [End Credits Version]), W. Harlan May (Monster Mash [End Credits Version]), Jason Michas (Monster Mash [Alternative Angst Version]), French Tickner (Drac), Robert O. Smith (Yorick), Ian James Corlett, Jim Byrnes, Patricia Drake, Phil Hayes, Tabitha St. Germain, Dave Ward.
  • Directed By Guido Manuli.
    Overseas Production Directors: Kim Jung Kon, Hong Woon Sub.
    Coordinating Director: Kurt Weldon.
  • Produced By Janice Sonski.
    Executive Producers: Andy Heyward, Michael Maliani, Robby London.
    Co-Producers: Eddie Fitzpatrick, Michael Fountleroy.
    Senior Producer: Janice Sonski.
    Associate Producer: Michelle Blaya.
  • Animated By Kim Eun Byoung, Jang Duk Kyou, Choi Byoung Nam, Kim Wan Su, Kim Do Yoo, Sung Won Yung (Key Animators).
  • Written By Guido Manuli, Judy Rothman Rofé.

  • Casting: Marsha Goodman, Paul F. Quinn.
  • Executive in Charge of Production: Stacey Gallishaw.
  • Production Supervisor: Emily Wensel.
  • Production Coordinator: Cory Biren.
  • Production Assistant: Emily Montaniel.
  • Property Designers: Marcos Borregalos, Brent Gordon.
  • Storyboard Artists: Mike Christian, Maurizio Forestieri, Stefano Gaudiano, Rick Hoberg, Art Mawhinney, Keith Tucker.
  • Storyboard Artists (Song Sequence): Dan Kubat, Ed Nebres.
  • Storyboard Sluggers: Cullen Blaine, Fred Miller, Bob Nesler.
  • Storyboard Revisions: Scott Heming, David Pagani, Vincenzo Tripetti (Trippetti).
  • Sound Effects Editor: Greg Back.
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixers: Greg Back, Larry Ellis, Joseph W. Zappala.
  • Foley Artists: Greg Barbanal (Gregg Barbanell), Craig Ng.
  • Dialogue Editor: Larry Ellis.
  • Music Editor: Larry Ellis.
  • Music Supervisor: Larry Karyn Ulman.
  • Music Assistant: Robert Anderson.
  • Music Coordinator: Deborah Illner Clark.
  • Music Researcher: Drew Jessel.
  • Music Arranger (Country Arrangements, "Monster Mash" End Credit Music): Matt McGuire.
  • Music Arranger (Funk Groove Arrangements, "Monster Mash" End Credit Music): David Pavlovitch.
  • Audio Consultant: Rita Kedineoglu.
  • Supervising Sound Editor: Joseph W. Zappala.
  • Effects Artist: Park Duk Hyun.
  • Inbetween Artists: Hong Me A, Choi Jae Hoon, Kim Hee Jung, Kwan Sang Kuk, Kim Yoo Me, Jang Me Sook, Byon Hong Sun, Kim Min Sun.
  • Background Artists: Frank Brunner, Ceasar DeCastro, Gil Hung, Tec Manalac.
  • Background Paint: Park Kyoung Ho (Park Kyong Ho), Jung Hae Soon, Ham Won Suk.
  • Background Stylist: Victor Togliani.
  • Final Checking Artists: Baek Eun Hee, Kim Kyoung Hee, Ko Seung Hee, Park Young Hee, Choi Do Ree, Hwang Jae Sook.
  • Color Stylists: Noel Aragon, Robin Koblin, Jung Son.
  • Background Color Stylists: Hector Martinez, June Micu, Richard Ziehler Martin (Richard Ziehler-Martin).
  • Overseas Production Staff: Kim Jae Ogk, Jung Hyun Seok, Kim In Sook.
  • Layout Directors: Kim Eun Byoung, Choi Byoung Nam, Sung Won Yung.
  • Timing Directors: John Cataldi, Fred Crippen, Kunio Shimura (Shimamura), Dan Thompson, Rich Trueblood.
  • Timing Director (Song Sequence): Bob Nesler.
  • Character Stylist: Steven Choi.
  • Character Designers: Shane Donahue, Brent Gordon.
  • Camera Operators: Park Yung Duk, Ko Dong Hyun, Lee Kwan Young.
  • Assistants to Executive Producers: Lynn McLaughlin, Christine Miller, Pam Vincent.
  • Translators: Kim Jae Ogk, Jung Son.
  • Researcher: Mary Holm.
  • Executive in Charge of Post-Production : Thierry P. Laurin (Lurin).
  • Talent Coordinator: Hilary Nicol.
  • Lip Assistant: Jeff Peterson.
  • Picture Editor: Miriam L. Preissel.
  • Voice Director: Paul F. Quinn.
  • Production Controller: Kathy Wong.
  • Trademark Owned By: DiC Productions L.P., Radiotelevisione Italiana (RAI).
  • Online Facilities: HMA Digital Post.
  • Sound Services Provided By: Zap Studios.

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