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Jetsons: The Movie Cast & Crew List

Jetsons: The Movie Cartoon Picture
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Hanna-Barbera Studios George O'Hanlon, Penny Singleton, Tiffany, Patric Zimmerman, Jean Vanderpyl, Don Messick, Mel Blanc, Ronnie Schell, Patti Deutsch, Dana Hill; Full Voice Cast Full Voice Cast.. William Hanna, Joseph Barbera, Iwao Takamoto Bob Hathcock, William Hanna, Joseph Barbera, Jeff Hall, Alex Lovy , Gregory V. Watson Jr, Gilbert Iverson, Tim Iverson, Karen Doulac, Pat Foley, Terry W. Moore, Larry C. Cowan Hoyt Curtin, George Tobin, John Debney
  • 1990
  • Hanna-Barbera Studios
  • Universal Pictures
  • Feature Length Theatrical Animated Film
  • Cartoon Characters: George Jetson, Jane Jetson, Judy Jetson, Elroy Jetson, Rosey, Astro, Mr. Spacely, Rocket Rick, Apollo Blue, Fergie Furbelow, Lucy 2, Teddy 2, Rudy 2.
  • Vocal Talent: George O'Hanlon (George Jetson), Penny Singleton (Jane Jetson), Tiffany (Judy Jetson), Patric Zimmerman (Elroy), Jean Vanderpyl (Rosey the Robot), Don Messick (Astro), Mel Blanc (Mr. Spacely), Ronnie Schell (Rudy 2), Patti Deutsch (Lucy 2), Dana Hill (Teddy 2), Russi Taylor (Fergie Furbelow), Paul Kreppel (Apollo Blue), Rick Dees (Rocket Rick), Michael Bell, Jeff Bergman, Brad Garrett, Rob Paulsen, Susan Silo, Janet Waldo, B.J. Ward, Jim Ward, Frank Welker.
  • Directed By William Hanna, Joseph Barbera.
    Supervising Director: Iwao Takamoto.
  • Produced By Bob Hathcock.
    Executive Producers: William Hanna, Joseph Barbera.
    Associate Producers: Jeff Hall, Alex Lovy.
  • Animated By Robert Alvarez, Bob Case, David Conception, Jesse Cosio, Charlie Downs, Robert Goe, Dan Hunn, Glen Kennedy, Ernesto Lopez, Ed Love, Istvan Majoros, Jon McClenahan, Mark Christiansen, Mike Bennett, Barry Anderson, Brenda Banks, Andre Knutson, Bob Tyler, Zegn Davush, Bill Nunes, Simon O'Leary, Joanna Romersa, Carl Urbano, Allen Wilzbach, Bernie Wolf, Chris Hauge, Paul Stibal, Kevin Petrilak, Gabby Payn, Phil Cummings, Lee Mishkin, Kathy Castillo.
    Key Animators: Frank Andrina, Oliver "Lefty" Callahan, David Feiss, Don MacKinnon, Irv Spence.
    Supervising Animation Director: David Michner.
    Animation Director: Ray Patterson.
    Assistant Animation Supervisor: Joanna Romersa.
  • Written By Dennis Marks.
    Additional Dialogue: Carl Sautter.
  • Edited By Gregory V. Watson Jr, Gilbert Iverson, Tim Iverson, Karen Doulac.
    Supervising Film Editor: Pat Foley, Terry W. Moore, Larry C. Cowan.

  • Storyboards: Don Shepard, Alex Lovy, Chrois Otsuki, Kay Wright, Jim Willoughby, Don Jurwich, Scott Jeralds.
  • Character Design Supervisor: Jack White.
  • Character Design: Chris Otsuki, Alfred Gimeno, Donna Zeller, Lance Falk, Tony Sorgi, Bwana Takamoto, Mark Christiansen, Bob Onorato, Eric Clark, Scott Hill.
  • Character Model Design Supervisor: Scott Jeralds.
  • Animation Checking Supervisor: Gina Bradley.
  • Background Supervisor: Al Gmuer.
  • Background Design: Lorraine Marcue, Jim Hickey, Bill Proctor, Ron Roesch, Floro Dery, Melvin Keefer, Frank Brunner.
  • Background Layout: Andrew Gentile, Peter Alvarado, Lew Ott, Tony Sorgi, Gwen Fitzgerald, Art Leonardi.
  • Background Keys: Joe Singgeli, Lorraine Marcue, Melvin Keefer, Frank Brunner, Ruben Chavez, Patti Palmer, Jim Hickey, Eric Heschong, Andy Phillipson, Mike Humphries, Bob Schaeffer, Bonnie Callahan, Dennis Venizelon, Craig Robertson, Jerry Loveland, John Rice, Gloria Wood, Jonathan Gogly.
  • Xerography: Star Wirth.
  • Ink And Paint Supervisor: Alison Leopold.
  • Technical Advisor: Gerald Mills.
  • Graphics: Iraj Paran, Tom Wogatzke.
  • Recording Director: Gordon Hunt.
  • Assistant Recording Director: Andrea Romano.
  • Talent Coordinator: Kris Zimmerman.
  • Recording Assistant: Jamie Thomason.
  • Sequence Producers: Anne M. Adams, Michelle Porter.
  • Lead Technical Director: Jim Hillin.
  • Technical Directors: Ken Brain, Liza Keith, Larry Malons, Jay Sloat, Phil Zucco.
  • Sequence Manager: Craig Newman.
  • Film Recording: Gregory Ercolland, Joshua Pines.
  • Editorial: Ladd McPartland.
  • Titles: Dale Hergstag.
  • Computer Animation By: deGraf/Wahrman, Inc.
  • Computers Provided By: Anne Tucker.
  • Computer Effects Supervisors: Brad deGraf, Michael Warhman.
  • Camera Supervisor: Daniel Bunn.
  • Camera: Aaron Caughran, Ron Jackson, Robert Jacobs, David J. Link, Steve Mills, Neil Owen Vikers, Paul Wainess, Steve Wilzbach.
  • Pre-Production Design: Judoth Holmes Clarke, Ric Estrada.
  • Production Design: Al Gmuer.
  • Production Manager: Yvonne Palmer.
  • Executive In Charge Of Production: Jayne Barbera.

  • Dedicated to the Memory of
    George O'Hanlon and Mel Blanc


    Copyright © 1990 Hanna-Barbera Productions Inc.
    All Rights Reserved.

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