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The Swan Princess Cast & Crew List

The Swan Princess Cartoon Picture
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Rich Animation Studios, Nest Entertainment Jack Palance, Howard McGillin, Michelle Nicastro, Liz Callaway, Lex De Azevedo, John Cleese, Steven Wright, Steve Vinovich, Mark Harelik; Full Voice Cast Full Voice Cast.. Richard Rich, Bret Taylor Babos, Gregory Daven Richard Rich, Jared F. Brown, Terry L. Noss, Thomas J. Tobin, Seldon Young, Matt Mazer , Armetta Jackson-Hdamlett, James Koford, Joseph L. Campana, Paul Murphy, Randy Paton, Mark Lass negative cutter, Frank Soronow Lex de Azevedo, David Zippel, Larry Batian, Larry Schwartz, Douglas Lackey, Richard C. Stewart, Patricia Peck, Andy D'Addario, Mark Siddoway; more Writers More Writers..
  • 1994
  • Rich Animation Studios, Nest Entertainment
  • Columbia Pictures, New Line Cinema, Sony Pictures Releasing International
  • Feature Length Theatrical Animated Film
  • Cartoon Characters: Lord Rothbart, Prince Derek, Princess Odette, Jean-Bob, Speed, Puffin, Lord Rogers, Chamberlain, Bromley, King William, Queen Uberta, Musician, Hag, Dancers.
  • Vocal Talent: Jack Palance (Lord Rothbart), Howard McGillin (Adult Prince Derek), Michelle Nicastro (Princess Odette), Liz Callaway (Princess Odette- singing), Lex De Azevedo (Younger Lord Rothbart- singing), John Cleese (Jean-Bob), Steven Wright (Speed), Steve Vinovich (Puffin), Mark Harelik (Lord Rogers), James Arrington (Chamberlain), Davis Gaines (Chamberlain- singing), Joel McKinnon Miller (Bromley), Dakin Matthews (King William), Sandy Duncan (Queen Uberta), Adam Wylie (Young Prince Derek), Adrian Zahiri (Young Princess Odette), Tom Alan Robbins (Musician), Bess Hopper (Hag), Cate Coplin (Dancer), Tom Slater (Dancer), Jim Pearce (Dancer), Brian Nissen (Narrator).
  • Directed By Richard Rich.
    First Assistant Director: Bret Taylor Babos.
    Second Assistant Director: Gregory Daven.
  • Produced By Richard Rich, Jared F. Brown.
    Co-Producers: Terry L. Noss, Thomas J. Tobin.
    Associate Producer: Terry L. Noss.
    Executive Producers: Jared F. Brown, Seldon Young.
    Co-Executive Producer: Matt Mazer.
  • Animated By Lou Dellarosa, Dave Kupczyk, Brian Smith, Todd Waterman, Larry Whitaker.
    Animator (Young Derek): Steven E. Gordon, Doug Gregoire.
    Animators (Prince Derek): Steven E. Gordon, Nasos Vakalis, Jesse Cosio, Julianna Korsborn, Cynthia Overman.
    Animator (Princess Odette): Steven E. Gordon, Jesse Cosio, Leon Joosen, Doug Gregoire.
    Animators (Horses): Steven E. Gordon, Jesse Cosio, Jeff Etter.
    Animators (Townspeople): Jesse Cosio, Jeff Etter, David G. Simmons, Steve Garcia.
    Animators (Princesses): Julianna Korsborn, Cynthia Overman, Todd Waterman, Jeff Etter, Jamie Davis, Donnachada Daly.
    Animator (Footmen): Cynthia Overman.
    Animators (Jean-Bob): Cynthia Overman, Jamie Davis, Kevin Petrilak, Mark Fisher.
    Animators (Rothbart): Todd Waterman, Gary Perkovac.
    Animator (Young Bromley): Todd Waterman.
    Animators (Speed): David Block, Jeff Etter.
    Animators (Queen Uberta): Jeff Etter, Colm Duggan.
    Animators (Puffin): Larry D. Whitaker, Jay Jackson.
    Animator (Lord Rogers): Colm Duggan.
    Animators (The Hag): Steven E. Gordon, Colm Duggan, Dan Wagner, Chuck Harvey.
    Animators (The Swan): Colm Duggan, Erik Schmidt, John Sparey.
    Animators (Musicians): Jamie Davis, Dan Wagner, Donnachada Daly.
    Animation Director: Steven E. Gordon.
    Key Animator: Dan Haskett.
    Key Animator (Bromley): Steven E. Gordon.
    Key Animator (Footmen): Nasos Vakalis.
    Key Animator (The Great Animal, Crocodiles): Nasos Vakalis.
    Key Animator (Young Derek, Odette): Todd Waterman.
    Key Animator (Lord Rogers): Gary Perkovac.
    Key Animator (Speed): Daniel Boulos.
    Key Animator (Musicians): Colm Duggan.
    Key Animator (Queen Uberta): Daniel Haskett.
    Key Animator (King William, Chamberlain): Dan Wagner.
    Supervising Assistant Animator: Rolando B. Mercado.
    Key Assistant Animators: June Kang, Myung Kang, Jonathan Lyons.
    Assistant Animators: Ron Friedman, SoonJin Mooney, Mike Camarillo, David Kracov, Michael Milligan, Phil Cummings, Tyrone Elliott, David M. Kcenich, Susan B. Keane, Jan Naylor, Mary Mullen, David Teague, John M. Dillon, Mark Cumberton.
    Supervising Animator ("Speed"): Dan Boulos.
    Supervising Animator ("Puffin"): Rick Farmiloe.
    Supervising Animator ("Princess Odette, " "The Swan, " "Rothbart, " "Young Bromley"): Steven E. Gordon.
    Supervising Animator ("Jean Bob"): Bruce Woodside.
    Supervising Animator ("Prince Derek"): Chrystal Klabunde.
    Supervising Animator ("Townspeople"): Donnachada Daly.
    Supervising Animator ("Speed"): Dan Boulos.
    Supervising Animator ("Puffin"): Rick Farmiloe.
    Supervising Animator ("Princess Odette, " "The Swan, " "Rothbart, " "Young Bromley"): Steven E. Gordon.
    Supervising Animator ("Jean Bob"): Bruce Woodside.
    Supervising Animator ("Prince Derek"): Chrystal Klabunde.
    Supervising Animator (Effects Animation): Michel Gagne.
  • Written By Brian Nissen.
    Story: Brian Nissen, Richard Rich.
  • Edited By Armetta Jackson-Hdamlett, James Koford.
    Assistant Editors: Joseph L. Campana, Paul Murphy.
    Dialogue Editor: Randy Paton.
    Negative Cutter: Mark Lass negative cutter.
    Visual Effects Editor (Dream Quest Images): Frank Soronow.

  • Casting: Geoffrey Johnson, Vincent Liff, Tara Jayne Rubin.
  • Senior Production Manager: Sutherland C. Ellwood.
  • Production Manager: Richmond Horine.
  • Lead Animator (Effects Animation): Debora Middleton Kupczyk.
  • Lead Effects Animator: James DeValera Mansfield.
  • Effects Animators: Kevin Oakley, Kevin M. O'Neill, Bob Bimmons, Brian McSweeney, Rick Echevarria, James DeValera Mansfield, Conann Fitzpatrick, Young Q. Rhim, Ko Hashiguchi, Brett Hisey, Bob Miller.
  • Assistant Effects Animator: David Teague.
  • Animation Assistant: Scott Claus.
  • Additional Animation: Adam Burke, Scott Sackett, Kenn McDonald, Jennifer Marie Stillwell, Silvia Pompei, Kevin O'Neill.
  • Layout Artists: Jeff Purves, Sherilan Weinhart.
  • Background Artists: Donna Prince, Brad Hicks, Andy Phillipson, Alison Julian, David B. McBride, Phillip Young Kim, Sai Ping Lok, Marzette Bonar, William Dely, Fred Warter, Kim Spink, Eric Reese, Bill Kaufmann, Mannix Bennett
  • Lead Key (For the Children [Clean-Up Animation]): Dori Littell-Herrick.
  • Ink and Paint Effects Supervisor: Colene Riffo.
  • Animation Check (Ink and Paint Department): Eleanor Dahlen, Denise A. Link, Orla McCamley.
  • Model and Scene Coordinator: JoAnn Cohn.
  • Model Painters: Carie Nouribekian, Marie Boughamer, Mary Collins, Stevie Hirsch, Gina Evans Howard, Christine Kingsland, Carol M. McMackin, Christopher Naylor, Blake Nouribekian, Tracey Oakley, Sparkie Parker, Ramona Randa.
  • Ink and Paint Effects Rendering: Kathleen Irvine Evans, Kevin Oakley.
  • Final Check: Michelle Urbano.
  • Directing Animator (Character Builders Inc.): Dan Root.
  • Animators (Character Builders Inc.): Lou Dellarosa, Jim Kammerud, Jennifer Gwynne Oliver, Brian Smith, Martin Fuller, Mark Alan Mitchell, Thamas Riggin, Bob Spang.
  • In-Betweeners (Character Builders Inc.): James W. Elston, Stephanie Roberts, Tony Lee. Richard Trebus Jr.
  • Effects Programmer (Angel Studios): Brad Hunt.
  • Animator (Angel Studios): Michael Limber.
  • Digital Imagery Senior Producer (Dream Quest Images): Mark M. Galvin.
  • Digital Imagery Producer (Dream Quest Images): Mark M. Casillas.
  • Digital Artists (Dream Quest Images): Rob Dressel, Amy Pfaffinger, Corey Hels.
  • Digital Compositor (Dream Quest Images): Carlo Pabon.
  • Visual Effects Supervisor (Dream Quest Images): Tim Landry.
  • Optical Supervisor: Robert Habros.
  • Artist: Kevin Oakley.
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixers: James Bolt, Andy D'Addario.
  • Sound: Steve Kohler.
  • Music Scoring Mixer: Andy D'Addario.
  • Foley Artists: Paul Holzborn, Bess Hopper, Joseph T. Sabella.
  • Visual Effects: Ty Elliott.
  • Effects Assistant: John Dillon.
  • Xerox Check/Inking: Daryl Carstensen.
  • Character Designer ("Odette Human, " "Odette Swan, " "Rothbart" and "Bromley"): Steven E. Gordon.
  • Color Timing: Dale E. Grahn.
  • Video Coordinator: Dave Hogan.
  • Camera Supervisor: Steven Wilzbach.

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